Lost my job due to CSA harassment at work

January 24, 2012

Today is a sad day! I have lost my job because of the CSA. Having worked hard in this country for 20 years always paying my way, getting a mortgage and no trouble with the law.

Then financial crisis 2008/9 hits. I was made redundant twice up to 2010 due to the industry I work (IT) companies started outsourcing.

I had built up debts of £££ trying to survive doing odd contract work. Then in Oct 2011, I had to register officially unemployed and degrading myself to try claim un-employment benefit first time in 20yrs. I finally got a good job offer after during this time of unemployment with three-month probation as standard on a salary of £40,000 pa. I thought great.

I was paid one months unemployment benefit £160-/+ whilst I started this job. Then unexpectedly a letter from the CSA demanding money £400 per month with arrears of £1300? for a child I knew nothing about. I would only be to happy to see the child and discuss a mutual agreed amount.

The CSA over the past two months everyday persistently phoned my new employer harassed my bosses for information, which was provided to the CSA more than twice.

Lied to my bosses that I was non-compliant with them (CSA) and threaten my employer with fines and prison. All done behind my back, as it states on their letters “Please Do Not Show This Letter To The Employee”. Now my bosses were relaxed nice people until the CSA changed the atmosphere, I overheard the CSA phone calls with my bosses and had seen the letters. My bosses were becoming angrier just as I was.

However, today I was called in to office and told that my employment was “TERMINATED” as they my bosses could not cope with and would not put up with the CSA hounding them day in, day out. I had made many, many phone calls and requests to the CSA to stop hounding my small firm bosses but to no avail.

I was shocked to understand where this had come from and why now after so long. Cut along story short I now understand why so many people are angry, frustrated, and suicidal about how the CSA treat them.

Today I lost my job! And I’m not entitled to benefits, I have a mortgage and debts and NO JOB. However, I will bet that she so-called mother is entitled to many benefits and has the full support for the CSA whilst I have nothing.

Thanks for listening.

V.Angry NRP


  • I would speak to CAB about this, as I don’t think your employer can sack you because of the CSA. Well, they can sack you because of it – but they can’t tell you that, if you get my meaning? They would have to officially sack you for some other reason, rather than the outside interference of the CSA.

  • Bob says:

    Well i’d take them to an employment tribunal and implicate the CSA to be honest.

    I hate the CSA

  • Brian says:

    Thansk Guys,

    CAB tell me they can’t do anything as I am not deemed in poverty! or on welfare LOL. This country is failing the hard working tax payer. We give it to everyone from Eastern Europe.

    I have no rights as I only started the job witin 3 months. I asked the CSA not to anger my bosses, they continued and now I’m unemployed! how does that help.

    PS. CSA case worker Mrs G. Newman from Nottingham office has suggested through NACSA that I try claim unemployment benefits!!!!! IS THIS SOME BLOODY JOKE


  • joanne says:

    Brian, you state you never knew of the child, are you 100% sure the child is yours?

    Csa are disgusting, I think you might need to speak to someone who specialises in this as I’m pretty sure what they have done is harassment, which goes against your human rights. Might be worth getting your data file that they have on you, which costs £10.00.

  • brian says:

    NACSA are representing me for now I’m too angry, emotional and upset. I can’t sleep because of what the CSA have done and the impression that is they GET MONEY no matter what.

    So sad..

  • chall says:

    Quote brian; “I would only be to happy to see the child and discuss a mutual agreed amount.”

    1) Do you have parental responsibility for the child ie are you named on the Birth certificate OR have the agency been able to assume you are the parent ie did you live with the PWC?

    2) You state you knew nothing about the child, are you sure you are the father, did you deny parentage with the agency?

    3) You don’t give much clue (date) when the agency became involved with your case – If the PWC was on benefits before April 2010, they would automatically become involved and the PWC would be not be in a position to mutually agree an amount with the NRP. Any arrears from that period would be owed to the SofS.

    4) Have you paid any maintenance through the CSA?

    http://www.childsupportlaws.co.uk/child-support-human-rights-act.html The link covers Human Rights and the CSA.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  • Brian says:

    1. The mother is Polish – only sees money! as they do in Poland.

    2. The CSA said they offered my a DNA test,.I never received the papers and when I asked or demanded the CSA said NO – Tough! you had your chance.

    3. The CSA got involved in Aug 2011 I understand I’m on the new rules CS3?

    4. As yet I have no paid any money.

    One voice – Together JUSTICE for All.

  • chall says:


    1. Oh well, we’ll go to 2…

    2. Have you requested you Data Protection file? This would enable you to see where (it should have been sent to a confident address) & when ( if they had ) they had sent the form giving you the opportunity to deny parentage.
    ~ if the agency didn’t give you option to deny parentage, you should stand your ground if you do not believe the child is yours. If the agency did OR if they were in a position be able to assume you were the parent you will need to apply to the courts to ascertain parentage (form C100 from the HMRC website).

    3. CS3 hasn’t been fully brought in yet, your calculation will be CS2.

    4. I expect if the agency have tried to obtain contributions directly from you and as you have made none, they will consider you non compliant. In which case they would try to secure payment via a DEO and your employer.

    Obviously as I don’t have access to a detailed account of your case, it is very difficult to give accurate advice re such. However, if the child proves to be yours and the agency have followed correct procedure, they will require any arrears to be paid, regardless of who has been involved with your case.
    The CSA will not just go away ~ be proactive and make sure this is sorted out either way.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

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  • brian says:

    Hi Chall,

    Right so far.

    1. I’m on CS2 rules and not CS3 as I thought.

    2. NACSA have different levels of support packages; one off fee £150 if you require full representation and £20 a month, or basic at £20 a month for them to represent and deal with the CSA on your behalf, your case and alot more so well worth.


    3. I have now a “NIL” assessment as of 18th Jan as I cannot claim benefits, wouldn’t want to anyway, degraceful that the CSA have made me unemployed.

    4. I have had bouts of depression and anxiety and fear fo getting a new job only for the CSA to harrass any new employer! the way they did with my last job. ITS FRIGHTENING how I’ve changed and what they have done to me.

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