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CSA force infertile man to pay for kid that isn’t his

In a story indicative of the child support agency and their myriad of mistakes, they’ve forced a 54-year old man to pay over £8,000 in maintenance for a child that isn’t his. Not only is the girl not his daughter, he’s infertile and cannot have children. Despite having a doctor’s letter and a DNA test showing the girl is not his daughter, the CSA threatened him with bailiffs and county court judgments, pressurising the man into paying.

The man was forced to take medication for epilepsy in 1986, which has left him sterile. His wife fell pregnant in 1992 with a baby girl, that he believes was due to her having an affair. They soon separated after she fell pregnant.

He claims the CSA have been out to get him for the last four years, despite it being impossible that he is the father.

I was married for 25 years and when my wife fell pregnant it was a real shock. She said I must have done it in my sleep, which is ridiculous.

Although I knew I was not the baby’s father I brought her up as my own.

When my wife and I split in 2002 I wanted to stop the CSA payments.

I started an appeal in 2004 but despite me telling the CSA of my health problems, offering them doctors’ letters and sending them a DNA test proving I was not the father, they still made me pay.

It is £41 a week and I have already paid over £8,000.

The Department for Work and Pensions gave their usual response to the complaint:

We cannot comment on individual cases.

This is one of the worst stories I’ve heard to date from the CSA.

One thought on “CSA force infertile man to pay for kid that isn’t his

  1. We cannot comment on individual cases. What an utter crock
    of shit, it should be – opp’s we cocked up again that’s the third
    time today, so how many taxpayers’ pounds have we lost so far
    today. As I said the other day why this subject of the CSA is never
    discussed when there is a general election bring back the court
    system and make you case reviewed every 12 months. Lodge a
    complaint with customer services they say, am not a customer they
    offer me no service I wish to pay for.

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