CSA doesn’t even know that my ex hasn’t paid them!

July 14, 2010

My ex stopped paying maintenance January of this year so I was forced to go through the csa. A close friend warned me about them stating that I will have to wait for ages to receive payments, however, I hoped that this wasn’t going to be the case. My ex doesn’t have a bank account and so a DEO was started. I have had to sell several items whilst waiting for the payments to start. I have made several phone calls to the CSA and have been told varing different information. I was told that my ex would be liable to pay from the day that I contacted the CSA only to find out that this was wrong and that he is only liable from the middle of March, that is six weeks that he doesn’t have to pay. I was told different dates when I would receive the first payment, only to get sent a payment schedule with again a different date.

The schedule DOESN’T tell you that the employer has until the 19th of the FOLLOWING month to send the payment then up to a furthur 10 days for the payment to reach my account. I am fed up with being passed around and constantly told different information. My ex’s employer then didn’t deduct the first payment stating that they couldn’t hold on to the money to send it to the CSA.

So I have had to wait another month. I still have to pay for a full time childminder due to the hours that I have to work. I am behind in my rent as well as other bills. I finally received my first payment only to find that it was £60 short. I have made several phone calls only to be told that they will get back to me.

The CSA didn’t even realise that the payment was short. How difficult is it to sort out payments? I know that some may consider me to be lucky that I have received some money, however, I don’t feel it at all. I have had to borrow money so that my daughter doesn’t go without. I have sent in a complaint to them but I am not holding my breath. A complete reform is again needed.


  • Karl Garrett says:

    You think it’s bad on your side, not getting any….you try being raped for everything & being forced to live in a “shed”…but thats fair. i really do hate the CSA & the PWC for “demanding their right” for money..it’s just pure unadulterated greed. the is no sensibility anywhere with PWC’s or the CSA. If only I had a gun!.

  • Bromwyn Gardner says:

    In response to Karl Garrett
    The truth is that my ex has a responsibility to his child. I work full time and with that pay tax. I am facing being evicted if I cannot make my rent. It is the child’s right to not live in poverty. You use words such as raped not knowing what this means. If you have a child then YOU have a responsibility to contribute to that childs upbringing.
    Any money received for my daughter is spent on her. I don’t smoke, drink, do drugs or go clubbing. My daughter is loved and well cared for.
    I am fed up hearing the NRP’s who complain about having to contribute anything for their children. It is not pure adulterated greed at all for me, or many others as kids cost a lot to raise so grow up.

  • Ann Fourmile says:

    In reference to Bromwyn Gardner,s comments regarding child maintenance, I totally agree that the father should support and pay but as my own husband has a son who is 9 and no access has been given by his ex for over a year I think the payment should be proportionate to the access that is granted by the mother. I have been drawn in as an obstacle to my husbands ex not granting access with made up lies from the mothers side and he has to pay maintenance set by the CSA even though the mother is not granting any rights to communication or visiting ? There should be a fathers Government backed group against the cruel treatment of Fathers against mothers who purely use them for milking the pound notes !!! My own brother has gone through similar treatment but now his son is old enough to make mature decisions he has seen for himself what a great system he was brought up on and that the truth always come out in the end.

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