CSA does not care about you

June 22, 2010

The government don’t give a fvck about children,what they do care about is money, every one in the UK is enslaved in one way or another,we are to them just numbers.

I will tell you all about the UK and its all about contract law the whole country works that way and there is no other way. Now lets take the workers at the CSA they are just chaff just like that inspector who slit his own wrists? the CSA workers are just part of a machine which has developed its own momentum, they live and work in their own little protected bubble and have been programed what to say and told what to think, they are the same as phone cold callers they are reading from a script and they don’t care,even If you get the odd one who says they do, don’t fall for it.

Those in power in the UK are stubborn beyond belief all they want is money and if a few hundred kill themselves because of dept they will just shrug their shoulders, they will of course pretend to care and issue a pre planned statement.

the UK government will only ever do whats in its own interest that’s the way its works. Now the powers that be will only get rid of the CSA if its in their own interest this is where numbers/chaff come in to play if enough Chaff stop paying then the whole thing fails, how many would have to stop?I am not sure but there is a tipping point,they would then cut their losses and the CSA would fold.To beat them you will have to be more stubborn and cold then they are.my thinking behind all this is,In the UK things always look better then they really are and when you dig deeper you find things only just work,This is because there is no margin for error and in most business like the CSA the profit margin is slim.

Do I care if the workers at the CSA lose their jobs and homes or take their own lives well no I don’t,they are just numbers.

I would just shrug my shoulders and forget about it.


2 Responses to “CSA does not care about you”

  1. Brokenfather on June 22nd, 2010 1:39 pm

    …….. and your point is?

  2. tom smith on June 24th, 2010 4:58 pm

    and your point is? LOL

    I will take it that I have only told you what you already know then,
    after all anyone with half a brain can see what they are really

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