CSA demands mean I cannot see my daughter

April 12, 2010

I have recently found myself in the worst situation imaginable. My 10 yr old daughter lives with my ex wife 86 miles away. I have been the best dad I can. I drive 20000 miles a yr back and forth picking her up at huge cost to me (which I’m happy to pay). I do not earn much but if I have it I’m happy to buy clothes etc. When I divorced I gave her the house (£60,000 equity in it) everything in the house. I demanded there be no further maintenance payments.This was agreed and the divorce finalised.

Then the bombshell!!!! I had a letter 2 months ago asking for £22,000 arrears….OH and PLUS £61 per week from my already low salary. This totals £126 per week. If I work overtime that goes as well. It has taken me 8 yrs to get out of debt and finally buy a house with my new partner. My ex is obviously jealous and has ordered the Child SUPPORT IDIOTS to ruin my life. The options…Take my house, suspend my driving licence, freeze my bank account and put me in prison. Or all of the above. While she carries on with her lovely life drinking wine and have further improvments done to her house.

They are now taking money directly out of my salary which means that I am slowly losing my house, my car and my life. I have been off work with illness caused by this and what’s worse than anything is that due to these incompitant (wish I could swear)excuse for human beings I CANNOT AFFORD TO DRIVE THE 344 MILE ROUND TRIP TO SEE MY PRINCESS. Do you think my ex will do the drive…will she heck.

To every parent that has tried to be responsible and look after thier child who is being killed by the CSA my heart goes out to you and I wish you all very, very good luck.


  • Brokenfather says:

    You appear to be saying the first contact you have ever had from the CSA ws 2 months ago. If so, then it is impossible for you to have £22,000 arrears as your liability only starts from 2 weeks ago!

  • chall says:

    What date did the case commence with the agency?

  • Sad Mum says:

    Hi Andy

    My thoughts are with you, but as the above posts have said when did they first contact you and when did they start taking the money by DOE ? have you contacted your local Mp ? join afairercsaforall alot of good advie on there, request a break down of your account, templete on the account.

    They have helped me so much, to see the light at the end of the tunnel

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