CSA Demand Money when I may not be the Father

July 24, 2009

For the past 11 years I have been battling with the CSA to prove that I may not be the father of Lorenzo Anderson. Your client, Carla McIntosh/Manderson put in a claim for maintenance stating that I was his father. What she failed to tell you at that time was that she was not sure as she also had a sexual relationship with my brother.

The reason I am writing to you is because on the 24th November 2006, your client wrote a letter to you to close the case requesting maintenance from myself. The letter was put on file on the 29th December 2006. As far as I was concerned, she wrote this letter to you as she did not wish to embarrass herself by acknowledging that she was not sure of who the father of her son is. The letter clearly stated that all debts were to be removed and that the bailiff action was to be terminated. I will enclose a copy of the letter she wrote.

During October/November 2008, I received a letter requesting payments from me. I immediately rang in and spoke with a gentleman who assured me that the case would be closed and that there would be no further action. I do not recall his name, but I believe I have it written down somewhere.

As I did not hear from him, I called in again to make sure it had all been done. I spoke to Diane Carre at 2pm on the 21st November 2008. She told me that she was not sure what had happened and that the case should not have been re-opened and that it could not be re-opened. She told me that that she may not be able to do anything at that time of the afternoon and that she would call me back on the following Monday morning. I told her that would be ok. I was surprised that she actually rang me back on the same day and told me that it had been re-closed and that would be the end of the case.

Last week on the 14th July 2009, I received a phone call from my wife saying that some woman with a Scottish accent had rung her phone asking to speak with me. Obviously as we were not together at the time, she told my wife that she would call back at 6pm.
First of all, how dare your staff ring my wife’s mobile asking to speak with me, being vague about the enquiry and leaving no details? The CSA, unfortunately has my mobile number as your people have been harassing me for years, so why try to cause problems by ringing my wife?

At about 3.30pm I received a phone call with some lady asking me to confirm who I was etc. She then proceeded to tell me that my case with the CSA had been closed in error and that I would have to pay maintenance for a son that may not be mine and that the claim is to be back dated to 2004. Without knowing the exact date in 2004, with payments of £36 and some change, you would expect me to re-pay well over £10,000. Can I just ask you, how is it that the CSA is able to close a case in error when you have received a request from your client and that you wrote to confirm to me that the case had been closed? This is just a case of maladministration on the part of the CSA and I will be taking this further until the truth comes out.

The lady who I spoke to was rude and hostile, just like many of the other people who have rang my phone. Your people have no courtesy or no respect. I told her several times during the conversation that the boy may not be mine, but she was not interested. All she was interested in was ensuring that I was made aware of the action and that I was expected to pay these payments. She also asked me why I had not made any payments to the CSA. I explained to her that there was no need to make any payments as I had provided for him. Once again she was not interested.

I rang and spoke to somebody the next day to appeal this and was told that as I had previously made a declaration in court that he was my son, I would have to pay. I’ll have you know, I only made the declaration as I thought he was my son. There would have been no way that I would have said yes, knowing what I now know. Now new information has come to light (a number of years ago), I do not see how I am to be ‘forced’ to make payments. I was also told that as your client has made a new claim for another of her many children, this was another reason.

How can a government agency that is there to ensure payments from absent parents try to force somebody to pay maintenance because a woman has told you who the father is? I want to have a DNA test done. Your client is like many other women out there who just sleep around with men, get pregnant and then expect the government to foot the bill, with the government then expecting me to foot the bill for 18 years for a child that is not mine. I would also like to add that your client is a liar and a fraud. My name is on the boy’s birth certificate, but I was not there, so how my name got put onto it, I do not know.

Once again, she has had another child and wants to scrounge off the state. I don’t see why I should be expected to pay for her upkeep and the upkeep of her children.

I received a letter from the CSA last week telling me that you were going to contact my employer to make deductions. I have no intentions of paying any maintenance until a DNA test proves positive. Until such a time is agreed then please stop trying to threaten me or force me to do something which is not necessary.
If your client refuses to allow a DNA test, then I would expect you to completely close the case as it will be obvious and we can both draw inference from her actions.

I will be seeking additional legal advice as well as writing to my MP. I have already contacted The Independent Case Advisor and the Parliamentary Ombudsman regarding my case.


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    I am very appauled at what you are saying about my family.

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