CSA demand money even though I was paying my ex cash in hand

November 10, 2009

I recently recieved the dreaded brown envelope and the letter from the CSA stated that they are about to approach the courts to get some kind of court order against me.

My story starts a little over 5 years ago when I split with my ex. On the day that we filnally split I gave her cash in hand asked if she can provide me with a receipt which she flatly refused. For a quiet life I didn’t ask for a receipt again to save the argument. I also continued paying cash in hand (I know, not very wise) mainly due to the fact that my ex couldn’t get out of the house to the cash machine as often as it was needed (she has another child who is profoundly disabled). I don’t earn a lot of money and paid my ex £120 per month, however sometimes I couldn’t pay anything due to other commitments but this happened maximum 6-7 times other the last 5 years. I also had my child with my weekends and some weekdays unless I was working and, during the first year and a half, also had her older disabled daughter.

Shortly aftr me and my ex parted ways the CSA contacted me and I filled out their forms and sent supporting documents as requested then heard nothing for to years. I continued to pay my ex cash in hand for her on convenience but didn’t get receipts. Then after two years the CSA contacted me again and I advised them that I had already provided the details they needed and that my ex and I agreed that I pay her directly. They person handlin my case said that was ok but sent me forms again which I completed and returned. I heard nothing from the CSA until 2008 when they wrote my ex asking for my details i.e. where I work, how much I earn, do I drive etc. My ex gave me the letter and I called them and put them straight. Again I heard nothing from the CSA until two weeks ago when they wrote to me saying that they are going to court to get to me?????

Upon getting this letter I called the CSA to advise them that I had been paying cash in hand for over 5 years and that this was advised to them 3 years ago and this was accepted. They said that they will put a halt on court proceddings and contact my ex for clarification. Now my ex is disputing that I had been paying her cash in hand monthly, to add to that she is stating that I only paid FIVE TIMES!!!!

I know that it was a stupid thing not to get receipts but I had set up an account for my child but only starting using it in earnest in 2008. Now CSA is demanding £9210.00. I presently live with my child (for 6 months now) and I honeslty cannot afford to take on any other debts. I don’t earn a lot and already in debt. Is there anything I can do or suggestions to manage this situation?????


  • mr.pink says:

    I think you are in deep poo. Without proof of payments, how do you counter her claim that you have not made payments?
    Have you any thing in writing from the CSA to confirm they accepted your version around 3 years ago? If you have been dealing with the CSA by telephone, you should write to the Data Protection Unit and ask for a full copy of your file INCLUDING telephone converstaions. This may confirm they accepted you had been paying up to a certain point.
    You need to make all future contact with the CSA in writing.Advise them that the child is now resident with you and has been since X date. This stops arrears building up further but you are likely to have to pay 3 years contributions, best case.

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