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CSA Case Worker tells me to ‘Pay up and Shut up’

During the divorce, and for some time after (2 years in total!), my ex and I shared the house with our two children, the youngest under 16.

Through her crafty solicitor she claimed money off me through the CSA during this time, whilst I paid the mortgage and all household bills, including the food and childrens clothing.

Despite repeated claims this was unfair the CSA treated me like s**t and one of their male Birkenhead office staff told me that as an absent Father I should pay up and shut up.

I took this further over the first year, and finally received a letter from a Dame in the House of Lords saying she had looked into this and gave me a name of a man to contact at their Birkenhead office – yes the same person, and yes I got the same result. I then took his advice and shut up for 4 years.

Now the CSA have changed and they listen to what people say so I decided to give it another go – their helpline was very helpful and agreed they had definately been wrong in collecting this money, but I would have to take it up with their local Birkenhead office – so I did.

The lady was helpfull, said she would speak to a superior and get back to me – and didn’t! I rang her, but now she said a senior member had told they were correct in taking the money. I insisted this time she has the case re-opened. She said she would retrieve the casenotes and get back to me the following day. She didn’t and 3 days later still hasn’t – it looks as if the “gentleman!?!” from many years ago may still be there and ranks have been closed.

Has anyone any idea what I should do next, or even know if the CSA were right?

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