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CSA can’t even track down film and TV actor Craig Conway

You’d think even the CSA would be able to track down an actor who’s married to a star of Eastenders and is appearing a major film with Bob Hoskins. It’s not very hard, there he is on the TV. However the CSA had failed to track down actor Craig Conway, husband of Jill Halfpenny.

With his wife appearing on Strictly Come Dancing and his wedding photos appearing in a national newspaper he should be quite easy to find. The Child Support Agency have now found him (well done guys) but he has yet to pay any money for his ten year old daughter. The girl’s mother, Debbie Jones, hasn’t received a penny from him.

Debbie said in interview with the People:

Jill should really have a think about things. While I know Bronwen is not her responsibility, I would like to appeal to her as one mother to another.

Please encourage Craig to be a part of his little girl’s life. It breaks my heart because Bronwen doesn’t deserve to grow up thinking that her dad doesn’t care about her.

Craig is currently starring in the movie Doomsday alongside British acting legend Bob Hoskins. He met Debbie when she was 16 and left her pregnant when she was just 18. She did meet Craig just after the child was born when he was performing in a play in Newcastle.

We met up. I showed him pictures of Bronwen and he seemed very excited.

He said he definitely wanted to be in her life. But he was going to Paris for three weeks so he said I had to wait for him to get in touch. He never did.

Unfortunately for Debbie, and her daughter, the CSA were unable to track down the movie star. It wasn’t until he married Jill Halfpenny and his wedding pics appeared in a national newspaper that the CSA found him.

Debbie explains:

Shortly after his wedding was in the papers the CSA tracked him down but he insisted on a DNA test.

Debbie confronted Craig and his new wife Jill when they were in panto together.

We waited at the stage door for him to come out and when he did he had Jill with him. He just turned round and told her who I was. I asked if we could go somewhere private but he wouldn’t and said he would give me a ring.

As I’d heard that four years before I knew I had to say my piece to him then and there. I got the impression Jill was shocked by what I said. I have kept cards and love letters from him and I can prove we had a long-term relationship.

He was the first person I ever slept with, and he knows that.

The CSA have said that Craig Conway should pay £34 per week, which is a pathetic sum of money for a film actor married to a soap star.

The CSA said he only earns £225 a week. I find it really hard to believe when he has been starring in massive budget films. I can’t believe he has become so cold hearted. It’s not the boy I grew up with.

Meanwhile Jill Halfpenny, who lives in a £500,000 house in Northumberland said that neither she, nor her family would comment on the story.

2 thoughts on “CSA can’t even track down film and TV actor Craig Conway

  1. Craig Conway an apology

    Craig Conway – an apology

    On 8 June 2008 we published an article which included the allegation that Craig Conway, husband of actress Jill Halfpenny, had failed to make any payments to the Child Support Agency for his daughter Bronwen.

    In fact, Mr Conway has, since being contacted by the CSA in 2007, made the required payments for his daughter. The payments had not been received by Bronwen’s mother, Debbie Jones, due to an administrative error by the CSA.

    We are happy to set the record the straight and apologise to Craig Conway and to Jill Halfpenny for any distress our article may have caused

  2. Its all very well hearing one side of the story, but knowing the mother for years tells a different story – the reason they couldnt track him down is because for years she wanted nothing to do with him, and only cared all of a sudden when he got a part in a movie – she sold her story, and rather than spend it on the child, she spent it on a holiday

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