CSA can never seem to get it right

March 26, 2010

I started paying monies to the csa back in 03. My ex got them involved even though I was already paying her maintenance money. At that time I thought it was a good and fair system, the case worker informed me that she was only bothered with how many children I had and how much money I earned SIMPLES!!! You would think.

First they messed up my first evaluation, they had over estimated the monies on the basis of information supplied by my Ex. then the computer system would not allow them to lower the money. My file got lost but the fancy computer system kept on spewing out arrears letters and informing case workers that I was due my monthly intimidating phone call. Since then it hasn’t got much better.

some payment went missing and I got blamed, until I produced bank statements, I sent in checks and it took three months for the csa to process them in that time my Ex was calling the csa complaining, the csa were calling me and telling me that I had failed to pay and was in arrears, I was calling my bank to find out if the check had been cashed (they had and guess by whom) I then called the csa to tell them they had the money they said they would check and the following week I would get another call regarding the same thing.

Most recently since being made unemployed I have received calls from the csa telling me that I was in arrears and should be paying something towards my son. I informed them THAT! I had informed them of my unemployment and they had been taking monies from my job seekers allowance and that it had now ceased. The chap informed me that if I didn’t find money from somewhere he would call in the bailiffs he was not interested where I got the money from. he suggested my wife who since my unemployment has taken on all the bills and mortgage.

For me, I think the csa are a bunch of lazy good for nothings, some of the case workers are ok but they are cancelled-out by the cretins that I mostly speak to. If they want to take charge they can’t do it half heartedly. They should ensure both parties are getting something from the deal the most obvious one being they get their money you get to see the kids.

This organization has got to learn that they shouldn’t just go for the soft target the people that have been, or are willing to pay. It’s the dirt bags that are willing to tell lies to avoid paying and trying to increase their payments they need to target.

AND!!! Everything is not our fault;
I send the csa a check and they take three months to process it and pass it on to my Ex. THAT’S NOT MY FAULT!

The csa don’t send out any paperwork. THAT’S NOT MY FAULT!

The csa don’t call me back after twelve calls so I can explain the mistakes made in my yearly Re-evaluation. THAT’S NOT MY FAULT!

And so on, and so on, and so on many more times.


  • Sad Mum says:

    I known exactly what your saying.Seems this is the norm.

  • James McAlees says:

    The thing I find funny (not) is that when the csa get involved every one suffers. The resident parents, the non resident parents and more importantly, the kids. because they don’t just have to put up with the separation but the added stress of listening to the parent harping on about who paid what to whom, when, how much and who’s fault it is.

    And while all this is going on the csa just sit back and tell both sides it’s everybody else’s fault and not theirs.

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