CSA are forcing our own children into poverty

December 18, 2009

My husband and I recently sold all our property and gave up our council house to start a new business…it’s in it’s first year and we are running at a loss…the only income in our home is Working Tax credits & child tax credits for my child and the 2 children we have together. That’s it.

Now the CSA want to take £36 per week and back date it so that’s £66 per week while we pay it off. We have no other income at all we work 7 days per week and have to pay child care out of it and now they want to steal from my 3 children to give to my husband’s ex who has never worked a day in her life and claims income support (has done for 14 years) she claims what the law says her and her 2 children need to live on and we claim what the law says us and our 3 children need to live on so if they take from my kids to give to hers why is that fair??

It’s not like we don’t spend money on them… we have them here and feed and clothe them, we buy them shoes and clothes when needed and give them spends!!


  • Brokenfather says:

    I take it you and Matthew above are a couple ….

  • Alan H says:

    Because the Ex partner is claiming benefit the money that is taken from you will not go to her but will go direct to the government to help keep her in benefit, they are very keen in curcumstances like yours and will hound you.

  • rach says:

    they are evil we are in the same situation as you and instead of their so called erasing child poverty they are in fact pushing child poverty on to the 2nd families and no body seems to care. fairness just doesnt come into it.

  • Emma says:

    My partner has always paid his ex for thier child , through a private negotiation,but she recently in the last 2 years went to the CSA in an attempt ‘to get more money, as you earn more than you tell me you do’.
    Alas she was successful which means, with the arrears, my partner, our two year our child and myself are now struggling to put food on the table. i work, so does my partner, but as the ex is entitled to a large percentage of wages and WCTC we are left asking family members to buy us food.
    All the while my partners ex and child are living in a massive 4 bedroom house with her new partner, and we have just been informed that his child has just been bought a pony!!!! TELL ME SOMEONE BEFORE I LOOSE MY MIND WHAT PLANET IS THIS FAIR!!!!!!

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