CSA Appeals is a waste of time

March 9, 2010

Am a nsp you lives 174 miles from my son.

I live with my partner and 2 children with just me working. On top of my monthly payments i have to pay out fuel for a 796 round trip if my son is to visit as the mother is not interested in driving jhim any or part of the way this can make my overall payment up 2 £250 when as a family we are only bringing in just under £1500. I put this to the csa, not interested, so i took it to appeal the judge voted in my favour and I won with a fuel allowence! Great I thought untill the csa used there own calculation for varence order including my fuel allowance given by the judge my payments still stay the same!! so tell me whats the fucking point in the tribunal it’s worthless!!!

FUSSTARTING to say the least!


  • Karen Bedford says:

    I agree with you about the Tribunals/Appeals system. I dont think it was set up for ‘us’, as I had so many appeals, had my seat reserved there!! It was good because they listened asked for the info, ruled in my favour, did all the right things . . . but they couldnt put that money into my bank account or even instruct criminal sanctions against my ex. by way of involving the Police for fraud. My ex never once brought the info he was asked to. They saw right through him, I just sat there watching him being pulled apart – which was obviously amusing to see – as only justice I was ever going to get for myself and my children.

    The problem is whilst Courts/the Legal system is not in place for people like him, he knows there is no ‘come back’ so it carries on, appeal after appeal after appeal, costing tax payers like me, lots of money!

    If they had more powers, i.e. it be sent to a Judge for criminal proceedings and or like in a court, an account set up that the money is paid into the court, and released to the person who ‘wins’ or bank details/DD/SO/DoE, etc., ready to be activated or deactivated – dependant on the outcome – then this will me the tax payer lots of my tax being thrown at a system that just does work and also justice for my children to receive the financial support that their father can afford and just wont pay. If a prison sentence had been attached to my ex for each appeal, he would have been in for life by now!

    I have now gone to the Upper Tribunal to complaint about the Lower Tribunal, its all red tape, I know, but this is the system I have to follow I believe to try and stop me getting justice/financial support for my children.

    Go back to the Tribunal with the evidence again to appeal as the CSA have to look at the Tribunal decision and also go to your MP and remind them you are a voter and believe there could be an election soon with neither main party ‘winning’ so all votes count! Good Luck

  • michael craig says:

    i have plenty to say about the csa and my case i have already paid maintenance my son is now 21 years old and lived with me from 11 years old and left full time education at 18 and i didnt get a fucking penny and i didnt ask for any but the csa are saying i didnt pay for 8 years when he was with his mother i paid her cash and she used to signe a receipt every wk but i moved house last yr and had a clear out so no longer have any proof of payment i know for a fact she was claiming benefits because the csa told me they paid her because i wasnt paying when i was so now she will not say i paid her because she will be charged with fraud but they are coming after mebecause im easy found and i have always worked and all she and her husband have done is live on benefits and churn out another 4 kids so why the fuck should i pay for that thieving bunch of bastards

  • ray standhaft says:

    totally understand where youre coming from mike, my ex took out credit cards/ loans in my name while was married and forged my signature while i was paying the mortgage / bills etc, i get booted out the house, she and her scumbag boyfriend leech 25000 grand ayear tax free benefits, get mortgage relief and the fucking csa come looking for ME! I only earn 18 000 grand a year so why should be expected tom prop up and support 2 lowlife scumbag maggots who contribute fuck all to society and just take take take, makes me sick

  • Christopherwilliams says:

    I agree With the above I have today had an enforcment placed on my earnings and was told nothing about it i have been paying for over 11 years directly to my ex ok not the amount they say i should have been paying but it was what she asked for the fact she was claiming benifits was of no concern to me but she has just got a job and has now gone to the CSA and they say i owe £4700 as i have not paid anything over the last 11 years and as i cant prove it and she is denying it to top it all off they gave me no notice of this NOBODY has contacted me and this came out of the blue so i am left trying to find money to support my wife and two kids. Like my ex system does not work!!!!

  • Marcus says:

    i have a son with my ex-wife! who i have not been with for many years. i now have a son with my partner now which we receive child tax for. will some tell me how csa can take money out of the tax credits i get for my son that lives with me for the son i hardly ever get to see because of my evil ex????? it makes no sense to take from my child now!

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