CSA admits computer error, but still demands money from me

July 7, 2010

My nightmare begins in 1994 when i left my ex, i had two children from this marriage. I paid towards my children what i could as i was on a low wage, when my ex wanted more i could not afford to pay,she went to the CSA.To cut a long story short i got married again and was now in recipt of family credit,the CSA assesed me at nil payment as i was on a low wage. I still gave my ex money for my children, but cash, i know now that cash was a big mistake.

From 1995 to 2000 i heard very little from the CSA. Once again to cut a long story short my girls left school 1n 2003 and both got work, and are now doing well for themselves.

Two months ago i got a letter from the CSA saying that i owed them arrears from 1995 to 2000, these arrears totaled £32,000. I rang them up and said that they were wrong and that i did not owe this money, the woman i spoke to said that she would look into it and phone me back.In all fairness to the woman, she did phone back the same day in the afternoon and she said “there had been a mistake made, and i owed them very little if anything at all” when i asked how a mistake like this could be made, she went on to say that there were two computer systems,and i was on the old system, and that is where the mistake was as the details had somehow got mixed up, i asked that she send me this in writing the fact i owed nothing, i never got this letter.

Three weeks ago she phoned me to say i now owed £31400 and asked how i was going to pay it, i said to her that she had only rang me 3 weeks ago and said i owed nothing,the liar totally denied having done that, i was absolutely livid.

This morning i got a letter saying that they had contacted my employer,and they were taking £423 a month from my wages, i only earn £1000 a month.

I did get a breakdown off them and they have assesd me at £110 pound a week from the years 1995 to 2000, the years i was collecting famly credits,they have said to the CAB that they wrote to me between 1995 and 2000 and i never replied, i had two house visits, i have lodged a appeal through the CAB.


  • Noush says:

    Maybe what your saying is true, you did pay cash all those years ago. But surely you have ATM reciepts or kept bank statements. Lesson to those in this situation, always keep copies of proof of payment. To back yourself up, if anything else. CSA should have been informed in writing perhaps of your agreement with your Ex, maybe a letter you both signed.

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