CSA admit a mistake to me, but still chase for money

November 21, 2010

I have had loads of problems with CSA for a child I didn’t know I had – they took a large sum from my wages in Feb 2008 and when queried (after about 6 months through appeals etc) they admitted that they hadn’t contacted me properly and I received £100 for inconvenience.  I had arrears of about 2k which I have been paying and are down to 1K.

I recently asked for a statement and it starts with an opening balance from 11 Dec 2007 of £1716 but it doesn’t say where this figure has come from.

Also, I have noticed that my weekly payments due has been £44 from 2007 until now however in 2007 I earned aroung 18k a year to the £25K I earn now.  Should I request where they got the figure of £1716 from or should I just leave it as my daughter was evidently born in 1999 – I would note I was at university until 2002 then earner around 18k a year until 2007?


  • Brokenfather says:

    Have you insisted on a DNA test?

    You should not trust the mothers word.

  • Troy Love says:

    If you contact them it could get worse. £44.00 is light compared to what they may make you pay if they delve into what you earn now. 15% of 25k is 3750 divide by 52 and that is roughly what you may pay so i say don't rattle the cage

  • Christopher Stocker says:

    sould of been a 1oo,ooo coz the amount of stress it gives you all the ppl that have this prob with them should be compansated

  • Denise Spiers says:

    Csa admitted mistakes to my husband too, and now want him to pay £10k. The y admitted computer errors and the sending of letters which they should not have sent. There response was basically " Yes it was our mistake, but we are not writing it off."

  • Peter Anderson says:

    Treat the £100 they paid you as an acceptance of liability for damages and start chasing them for damages. That means a continual stream of threatening letters to them, pick out individual members of staff and threten them that your sending bailiffs around to their homes etc.

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