Children are the ones who suffer

August 10, 2010

Here’s my story.

My little girl is nearly 17 months old. I went back to work full time when she was 8 months. I am due to start a part time evening course come september to better us both.

My ex would arrange to see his daughter then not turn up, this happened endless amount of times to the point ive stopped contact my self. (he would rather b in the pub)

Is this fair? I would like your opinions on this.

We came up with an agreement of £150 PCM. He would use this against me everymonth as a weapon and just not pay. I have received £450 in total. (he earns £35,000 per yr)

He told me to go to the CSA, so I did. He is now claiming to have given up work and is working on the side and laughs that he only has to pay £5 per week out of his JSA. I am very angry over this, as it stands I have to shell out £200 PCM just in nursery fee’s. (tax credits pay the other 70%) thankfully or I wouldnt be able to work. If he had not done this he would have had a DEO of £721.32 PCM!!! (I didnt want this much)

When he bothered to turn up he was an amazing father and she totally adored him, its such a shame it breaks my heart knowing she will never have a real relationship with her father and Im just thankful that she’s too young to understand that daddy didnt bother to come and pick her up.

It’s a vile society that we live in, where u got fathers refused the right to see thier children then other fathers who cant be arsed to be a dad.

The system is totally wrong, I agree how women get more rights is totally unfair, I also agree that the CSA expect the NRP to pay way more than they can afford.

Something needs to be done to mke this fair for everybody as in the long run its the children who suffer!!

@ Michael & Brokenfather dont give up!! i wish you both all the luck in the world xx


  • Karen Bedford says:

    I totally agree that the children suffer, it is child abuse!

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