Chased by CSA and my Kids are 27 and 30

January 14, 2010

After all these years, I am nearly 58 and the CSA are chasing me for money that they insist I owe them, even tho my children are 27, and 30 years old.

At first I payed them the arrears under duress, as they made an arrestment of wages, they never even informed me, they just just informed my boss and threatened them with a fine if they did not comply. I had £25 per week taken out, and when I tried to contact the CSA, thro by telephone it was a no go, and bt using email, they just keot asking me for details, whick I supplied..but to no avail.

Now that I am unemployeds they are telephoning me with optins of payment, which I cannot do, due to having no money. The threat of taking my passport away, and taking items from my house to pay has upset me, but I asked for details of what I was supposed to have owed them. They sent be alot of bumph with record, and a statment saying that Iowed my ex money.etc. Also the letter was sent to a wrong addresses house..but it still came to me because of my name. They didnt contact me untill today (13 Jan 10), first when they called they dont say they are the CSA they say they are from and Agency, then they ask for my middle name and date of birth, but when I challenged them to who they were they said that they were from the CSA, and I said to them I have no proof of who you are, and then they said that they were recording this conversation, so I put the phone down one them.

Is there anything that I can do, why should I have to pay something when my children are all grown up, even when I was paying them they were ripping me off with nearly all my wages.

I am now frightened to start a new job, because they will start to arrest my wages..

Brian Mccammon


  • murraybissett says:

    yes my daughters are 22 and 25 i have 3grandchildren and t hey arestill hounding me for arrears !!!!!!!! i wouldnt mind paying them off but they want to take £100 a week and if they do it will finish me financialy.they dont care ,

  • chall says:

    Hi Brian Mccammon & murraybissett,

    There are alot of these historic cases coming out of the woodwork 🙁

    Sadly, this will not just go away. New legislation passed in Dec 08 means that the agency are able to go direct to banks etc and attach deductions order’s onto accounts.

    You both need to establish if the arrears are correct and that agency have acted correctly with your cases. Obviously both of your cases require attention, feel free to join us in the forum at and we will see if we can help.

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