Cannot survive on what I am left with after CSA payments

October 2, 2012

I am looking for advise please anyone?

I took a DNA test back in 2010 after my ex went to the CSA to claim for money. I have never been a part of my daughters life. Because of my ex partner running off with another man after my daughter was born back in 2002.

back to my issue. I received a letter from the csa stating my ex had made a claim in March 2010. I decided to appeal this because I wanted proof I was the father. I took the dna test in August 2010 which turned out I was the father. the csa had told me between the initial claim and proof of the test I wouldn’t be held accountable for any payments prior. Once the process started I paid money via the csa which worked out at £134 per month. this was fine until xmas 2010, in this time me and my ex decided to pay maintenance direct.

This lasted until mid 2011 when she stopped me seeing my daughter because she found yet another man who moved in and suddenly I wasn’t allowed to see my kid yet again. In my annoyed state I decided to stop payments. so we land on Jan this year and she had went back to the csa to get the money direct and all of a sudden there was arrears to be paid. they now wanted £226 per month which I tried to appeal.

I kept up with the regular payment amounts which was £134 and I was paying £140. a few months ago they then decided to backdate the arrears even further to when my ex made the initial claim in march 2010 and I now owe them nearly £4000. they have started taking the money direct from my wages via my employer and are mow taking as much as £389 per month. this is now leaving me in financial hardship. once I have paid my bills and rent etc and now with this large amount I am lucky if I am left with £50 a month to survive.

I have tried explaining this to several people at the csa but no one wants to listen nor seems to want to help.

any advise would be welcomed.



  • chall says:


    The effective date for a case to commence with the CSA is when the agency has made initial contact with the non resident parent, even if DNA test is required and proves positive.

    Unfortunately, present rules do not take into consideration the NRP’s living expenses. The agency should after regular maintenance and arrears, leave the NRP with at least 60% of their income.

    As the agency had been collecting child support prior to you making direct payments to your ex, were the agency advised of such at the time?

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  • mulvers says:

    Well Im left with £19 after ive paid my rent, im now waiting for my electric and gas to be disconnected, and waiting for the council baliff’s because my council tax is unpaid, I rely on friends and family for food.
    I have now handed my situation over to my MP to deal with.

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  • aggy says:

    i cant understand how this is CHILD SUPPORT its just ripping into honest people and destroying families. i’m in the same position, they are robbibg me of 60% of my wages, with only 20 days notice before it starts. one piece of ADVICE i can give from experience, dont EVER has a private agreement with your ex, you’ll end up paying double if not more, as the CSA do not take this into account.

  • Chris says:

    I also have this problem, I have my 2 kids 3 overnights and half a day every week, as my ex still has them 4 overnights I’m unable to receive any additional help i.e child benefit or tax credit as she is entitled to this also. I pay £162 4 weekly for basically in my view shared care!!
    I struggle from 1 month to the next… Where is the justice in this… as she works full time also…the system is all wrong and should reviewed and changed… Can only say I’m disgusted!!!

  • sammy says:

    the csa is a disgusting organisation that can ruin lives and even drive people to suiside i know someone that slpit with his partner and was in arrears due to unpredictable earnings, he paid off chunks of the debt as and when he could but 2 payments of £500 didnt show up on their systems and even though he has bank statements proveing the money was sent they still dispute it because of ‘their systems’ not to mention the fact that its money that his children didnt even recieve, to this day he still pays £200 a week!! they dont care that u cant eat or that u dont have a roof over ur head or if ur broke they want ur money or they threaten u with jail and no one wants to stand up to them, my best advice although drastic would be to live with a friend or family member/lodge somewhere cheap untill the debt is paid and you can manage again, council tax debt is also another big one you dont want to mess with as it can also carry a jail sentance, believe me there are alot of people in your situation some people pay 60% of their weekly wage and its enough to destroy anyones life 🙁 i really hope that your mp helps you just remember nothings forever

  • Alice says:

    the agency will take a maximum of 40% of an NRP’s wages – the 60% is the NRPs protected earnings and it is up to the employer to ensure that they do not breach the protected earnings.

  • That’s just it Alice – it’s up to the employer. The CSA will ask for more than 40% of the NRP’s salary, hoping to get it. The employer then has to work out for themselves if the requested amount is greater than the 40%. Many won’t bother, they’ll just pay what they’re requested to pay – under the threat of bailiffs if they don’t.

    If the CSA was responsible for its actions it would request 40%, as that is all it is legally allowed to request. But the CSA is not responsible, is it?

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