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All I’ve ever asked for was to be treated fairly

Well I dont know if this is a common story or not but here goes….

I have always been upfront with the CSA and met my responsibilities even though my ex stole money from me when she left. When the CSA got in contact with me just before Xmas 7 years ago when we separated, they saw I had another case with my older daughter…Me and my ex-wife had come to an agreement, the CSA was advised of this and they told me to close the case since we had an agreement.

Well this was the wrong information they gave me, they should have kept this case open and noted it down as being paid direct and not through the CSA, this would have meant I would be paying 10% of my wage for my son instead of 15% which they take. Well as soon as they contacted me to reassess, I complained about this and they said yes it was their fault. This has cost me just under £4000 over this time, but the CSA told me they could not get this money back for me and paid me £50 due to their error.

How can this be?? Anyone understand how this is fair? This is money that I should have to spend on my kids, take them holidays or even spend on myself. At the moment this is at appeal though they are adamant that they are not going to pay me, so looks like court to reclaim it at more cost which will probably be passed onto the taxpayer as they cant rectify this error that they made.

If I didnt pay this money I would have my wages arrested and the final insult…I got a raise in my job and they are making me pay more money backdated which is the ultimate insult as my payment would still be less than my original payment if they had given me the correct advice to start…great British justice strikes again.

I know there are a lot of deadbeat dads out there but when things like this happen I understand how some people who are living on the poverty line can walk away and get money in hand for jobs and pay nothing….all I’ve ever asked for was to be treated fairly and it has not been the case with me.

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  1. Brilliant David. Yes you hit the 200 milestone and I like your comments and agree with everything you said.
    Hope you contacted Eddie and joined the FB set up by Lisa. The more people we have the better chance we have of fighting this evil organisation.

  2. Cheers Brett,

    yeah I joined the FB page and also contacted Eddie to let him use my story if he liked 🙂

    Hopefully there wont be a need for really radical actions in future but I believe there is still a long fight ahead for everyone, me included…even if I get my case sorted I will still try and help other people in the same situation though not the ones who run away from their responsibility 🙂 The ones who are forced away from their responsibility is another story though

    Theres lots of good information out there…the CSA just dont provide it which they should be doing…might be an idea to get some sort of petition going so that they have to inform people about Maladministration, Independant Case Examiners and other routes open to them, what ya think?

  3. Every CSA worker has rules to follow and it is clear that they are not

    The tort of Misfeasance in Public Office was designed to target ‘the
    deliberate and dishonest abuse of power’ in the event of a person
    suffering loss or damage as a result of administrative action known to
    be unlawful or carried out with reckless disregard or indifference to
    the consequences.

    Lets start reminding them of the legislation that protects us from their shocking and unreasonable decision making.

  4. They are not even following simple human niceties….try to turn the thumb screws at every turn they can knowing they are wrong.

    These people should be sacked and the CSA disbanded, as I previsouly said you dealt with a hman at court who wouldnt knowingly put you in a state of povery as they knew the law and what it meant and stands for

  5. Me thinks it is time to gather factual evidence against each member of staff and what they have done as in abuse towards NRPs and we start to make citizens arrests against them – Civil Servants – those scum work for us and they get a handsome pension from our taxes it makes my shit itch time to let them know we think they are not working how they should be as per the Civil servants and DWP code of conduct. These fuckers should be stoned – SCUM!!!

  6. Alice it would appear has left the building, her facebook account deleted and no longer on here, no longer member of a group advising PWC how to get more cash by inviting them to private message her, But wait it was a man!!!! No apology for all the nonsense it wrote or all the people it claimed to help? Lets hope HIS bosses have now taken the correct steps and shown him the door, Slightly disturbing that this cross dressing nutcase felt the need to dupe so many CSA clients with his charade. If you were affected by this imposter then I suggest you send your complaints to Plymouth CSA and mention the activities of Neil Alice. hope the response is favourable.

  7. stuart that’s great news…be nice to find out who Chall is? noticed IT has not been commenting on here for a while…id love to find him/her out since his/her revealing my I was affected by this arshole…Chall if you looking in…say hello dickhead!!!

  8. Well everyone who didnt know…I sent an email to the CSA with loads of MPs and directors etc of the CSA copied in…they got back to me very quickly to tell me that my case was now being looked at by the complaints review board, so fingers crossed and hopefully they wont take too long to sort out their duff advice and give me my overpayments back though I dont think I could hold my breath long enough and think that hell will freeze over first. At least they now know that they are in a fight with me and I will use every avenue open to me to get my money back and hopefully get them punished for their maladministration 🙂

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