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All I’ve ever asked for was to be treated fairly

Well I dont know if this is a common story or not but here goes….

I have always been upfront with the CSA and met my responsibilities even though my ex stole money from me when she left. When the CSA got in contact with me just before Xmas 7 years ago when we separated, they saw I had another case with my older daughter…Me and my ex-wife had come to an agreement, the CSA was advised of this and they told me to close the case since we had an agreement.

Well this was the wrong information they gave me, they should have kept this case open and noted it down as being paid direct and not through the CSA, this would have meant I would be paying 10% of my wage for my son instead of 15% which they take. Well as soon as they contacted me to reassess, I complained about this and they said yes it was their fault. This has cost me just under £4000 over this time, but the CSA told me they could not get this money back for me and paid me £50 due to their error.

How can this be?? Anyone understand how this is fair? This is money that I should have to spend on my kids, take them holidays or even spend on myself. At the moment this is at appeal though they are adamant that they are not going to pay me, so looks like court to reclaim it at more cost which will probably be passed onto the taxpayer as they cant rectify this error that they made.

If I didnt pay this money I would have my wages arrested and the final insult…I got a raise in my job and they are making me pay more money backdated which is the ultimate insult as my payment would still be less than my original payment if they had given me the correct advice to start…great British justice strikes again.

I know there are a lot of deadbeat dads out there but when things like this happen I understand how some people who are living on the poverty line can walk away and get money in hand for jobs and pay nothing….all I’ve ever asked for was to be treated fairly and it has not been the case with me.

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  1. Those pieces of shit have made my life hell since 1996 i had a private arrangement yet they still got involved – it pisses me off when they say they are they to ensure the NRP stands up to their financial responsibility errr hello I fucking was. In fact these pricks are responsible for the division between me and the ex we had a reasonable and amicable arrangement before these imbeciles got involved. They create the problems and hatred anyway time they got the treatment which they have dished out for years, as they breach the human rights act then they also have no human rights

  2. It may be wrong name for Alice as I know they try to stay off the electrol role for their own protection.

  3. oh my goodness… i’ve avoided this website because I was sick to death of Alice and all her ‘interpretations’ of the legislation and rules and I come on today to read all this…. Craig – I salute you…. he/she/it deserves to be outed… he/she/it has knowingly and willingly destroyed lives and it would be good for him/her/it to see how it feels to be on the receiving end… to be hounded and treated like a criminal…

    the CSA are the lowest of the low… the only people lower than them are the politicians who introduced them and their system!!!

    Alice will be on here soon enough touting for business under a new alias, its funny you mentioned that he/she/it and ‘chall’ are one and the same…. I did wonder!!!

    This thread has made my day… 🙂 🙂 🙂 I just hope Gonk sees it!!!

  4. Hi Sally I am pleased that you like our findings I cant take the credit for all of it My friend Lisa done a lot of the work and another got the IP I wont name him just in case he wants to remain anonymous. Seems like Alice is popular and has made many friends on here showing impartiality mmmhh

    Ok I will not give out the number here is the street and post code and IP

    Glentor Road, Plymouth, PL3 5TR

    IP Address:

  5. They should take note of how many lives they have destroyed as I said now they can have a taste of their own medicine and fear opening letters hopefully the spineless wankers will go sick with depression and stress like many thousands of us have had to

  6. They have committed fraud against me yet they deny it even when there is factual evidence to support that they have – the pricks ruined my career I took my info to the police and the police will not touch. I think we should make citizens arrests on the CSA staff for fraud and obtaining money by deception etc

  7. They paid me 5k in consolatory payment for wrongful enforcement, misleading and incorrect information, multiple accounts of maladministration, procedural errors and inaccuracies. 5K does not cover the damage they have caused I am like almost 90k in loss of earnings due to me having to go sick from work I am am furious, so now they are going to have a shit storm on their hands until they give me correct compensation!

  8. I think we should all be demanding a public inquiry we need to send a mass email to the government demanding that the CSA have a public inquiry as they are responsible for well over 200 suicides, breaches of the Human rights Act etc – something needs to be done about this out of control unlawful quango. They should not be target or bonus driven which they are which encourages numerous accounts of foul play anyway we should all email parliament and demand a public enquiry [email protected] enough is enough.

  9. Craig

    Cheers dude let the fun begin Alice will never show his sorry arse on this page again I have the brown envelopes ready for the hate mail 🙂

  10. Houses in that street went for 499,000 in 2007 number 57 but no 55 went for 345,000 in 2011 hope the cunt lost a fortune 🙂

  11. @ Craig… This is Karma… You, Lisa and all the CSA victims deserve this… While Neil Alice lives in his 300k + house, thousands and thousands of INNOCENT, DECENT NRPs have been forced to sell their home, go into debt to pay False CSA arrears, bills, lose contact with their kids because of the actions of Neil Alice and his greedy, lying colleagues

    @ Macon, please keep us updated with your progress….


  12. The spineless wankers I named earlier are responsible for me being homeless as we speak – they could not be trusted to flip burgers in McDonald’s or pick dog shit up off the streets thats the thanks you get for serving your country for 16 years hey?

  13. Macon I do not condone any threats or violence in the hate mail – just let the tosser know the damage he is responsible for and how he has caused misery of thousands of people for their years of terror. Do not do anything silly these pricks are not worth it. It is good to know that his arse will be twitching everytime the doorbell rings from now on – I warned the smarmy twat sometime ago end of the day he has been in breach of the civil service code of conduct – he only has himself to blame.

  14. @ Last Alice get the comeuppance so justly deserved, the slimeball piece of shit,

  15. I wouldn’t do that he can after all get my IP address and then identify me to the police there is more than one way to skin a cat I mean RAT !

  16. My campaign will be relentless just like those faceless 0845 call centre idiots have done to me and my family I have been threatened with the jail ,bailiffs ,lost my job and any normal father son relationship all with the help of the state sponsored CSA time for my pound of flesh, hunted down like a NRP on pay day !!!

  17. Bet that RAT won’t sleep tonight , what a shame I have had years or relentless sleep deprivation because of those scumbags !!!!!

  18. We’re upto 171 comments now. I thought I was being optimistic pushing for 100. Can we make 200 ? What’s the record ?

  19. my god…where to start…phew…I spent the last hour reading this thread from my own last comment and can only say thank you ALL sally,topper,Lisa,brett and all I have missed out but Craig you diamond for mentioning me and the arsehole Chall for trying to reveal my identity..
    Macon on June 11th, 2013 7:03 am


    Name and shame Chall for what he or she did to Gonk they named him hopping the Csa screwed him for more arrears time to fight back NAME AND SHAME !
    So the troll called Alice is a he with bollocks to match the size of his bullshit but not his penis…lol
    I am lost for words but will follow this thread very closely….and ears perked up when you mentioned Sue Waldron…she has been very clinical in replying to me when I succeded in getting a DEO lifted on my case and I am sure because of of all the advise from you guys inparticular you Lisa….by having nothing to do with these liars over the phone and instead writing to them followed up by the same in email and copying in my local mp.
    This thread has been intense reading for me and I will bookmark it now and reply in casse the troll re emerges ? more excitingly the Chall who I notice has not made one single comment on this entire thread.
    well done you guys..I wish I could meet up with each and every one of you,it would be a great pleasure.

  20. Hi Eddie, yes I am enjoying reading through all the comments though not some fo the things I am hearing how people are suffering due to the negligence of these idiots. I remember when it was 30% they were taking and that was shambolic….I dont understand how they can make life better for a kid at one house but totally destroy it at their NRPs house.

    I too had to stop work many years ago and my ex at the time went through a horrible time as well as the money stopped which in turn affected our daughter directly in both households…definitely not what it says in their code of practice.

    Hopefully when they get my latest complaint and read about their own code of practice and how they have all neglected this then they will be giving birth to a large porcupine coming out backwards, I remember my uncle went through court to get his maintenance sorted and it was 100 times better a they looked at all his outgoings…like needing his car for work and needing to pay his bills so he could provide when he had his kids….change isnt always for the better bt getting rid of the CSA would defo be a step in the right direction.

    I would say to everyone on here to watch what they are saying as they will no doubt have some legislation that they can and will use to make your life even more of a misery if that is possible.

    I’ll be coming out of my corner fighting with Ali, Forman, Tyson and Sugar Rays strength behind me 🙂 With better knowledge which I have obtained from people on here which I appreciate all the help…and as for the invisible PERSON…hope he is trembling under his duvet in someones garden before getting a reasonable punishment for all his inappropriate information and blaming it on the legislation.

    Eddie I will email you the next couple of days or you can email me davidwallace60@hotmail and I will answer any questions you have and hopefully it will help others in the same situation…well we cn only but HOPE

  21. Just had an idea put into my head from a friend on our fb page.
    Come on lads or ladies come from your bottom dwelling pond stones and surface to reveal for us ?

  22. Gonk

    Are you implying Alice has a altered ego come on this cant get any better !

  23. @ Macon i thought Chall and Alice were the same person but if you look at all three of their responses as Gonk says…. Maybe Neil Alice is a mental patient suffering from multiple personality disorder… It would make sense…..

    Neil Alice will be sitting at home thinking of a way to get back on this website… He will not give up on touting for business…..

  24. Let them come touting for buissness, They will reap the smae wrath, There time is coming to and end, The sewer rats are running scared, Its about time they were put in there place, and its also time that there was a full investigation of all the illegal activities that this agencey get up to, And i do hope to god ALICE, HE/SHE what ever it is, gets what’s coming. SO IF ANY CSA STAFF WANT TO COME ON PLEAE COME AND HAVE A GO IF YOU THINK YOUR CLEVER ENOUGH, we are now up to speed with legislation, we no what you do is illegal immoral, inhuman,

  25. Alice was like a classroom bully picking on the weak, but one you take the fight to there home they crumble ha ha his cosy life on a affluent housing street will never be the same ,I am ready to leave the UK for good so happy days 🙂

  26. Pete, well said your last comment and in particular your last line. Our group will get bigger and stronger to fight the corrupt CSA.

  27. Guys – just a quick one I have learned from a very reliable source that the residential address for our beloved Alice is incorrect. So please do not send any mail or do anything as the address is simply incorrect.

    It pisses me off in the fact you get ignored off the agency you have factual evidence that the CSA have committed fraud breached human rights and are breaching their code and values. I have been to the police to report the CSA committing fraud, they did not want to know, the serious fraud office do not want to know that the CSA are committing fraud bigtime, ICE are not impartial and take the side of the CSA, MP’s turn a blind eye no one will help regarding the CSA so what else can be done?

  28. @ Macon – I would bet that he will be back on here again… he has been slated, slagged off, called names over the last 2 years and it has not deterred him from coming back on to tout for business, he has come back on under various alias’s i.e. Alice, Chall and Wilf (possibly)…..

    I’ll give it 2 weeks!! 😛

  29. He be at a Internet cafe the scum will not want trouble at his door , I had a bit of a slagging match with both Chall and Wilf would love the three to be one it means easier for retribution the idiot can’t help using CSA abbreviations you only know if you work for them or have your data prints so be warned scumbag I am watching !

  30. Well if he comes back on we must all make a concerted attempt to get the IP as that nob head is in breach of the Civil Service Code and Values

  31. Craig I think you are in the correct street just need a number now that’s where my postie friend will come in handy 😉

  32. Well after the advice received on here I have now received a letter from the Independant Commission who are going to look into it, the CSA have also sent me another letter saying they are looking at it again, seems I’ve rattled a few cages by telling them they have put one child over another due to their advice and its against child welfare laws as they are putting a child into poverty in my care but not in his mothers, they should be treated the same no matter what.

    Dont expect this to be a quick fix but the more people/agencies looking at it, then the more interest there is in it and less chance of someone trying to cover their own ass or their friends ass… well as a solicitor looking at the legalities of their actions, fingers crossed they come to the FAIR solution and give me the excess money I have already paid back as well as trying to reclaim their phantom arrears that should never have been there due to their inaccurate and unfair advice. Well if Carlsberg done CSA calculations then thatd be the outcome 😉 Its a waiting game now then see what action if any I have to take 🙂

  33. Shame Alice was unable as a CSA employee to point you in the right direction David, glad you are now seeing some action on your case mate, good luck

  34. Thanks Stuart….but I think Alice (Albert or Pee Wee whoever or whatever his/her name is just trying to cause trouble) maybe they are an employee of the agency or someone with nothing else to do but try and make people miserable. Instead it seems they really need to go out and get a life, who knows maybe someday they will fall foul of the agency…well we can only hope 🙂

  35. Lets hope Alice /Wilf / Chall manage to take this past the 200 comments mark after all its down to these pond life we are nearly there 🙂

  36. David, your storey is now on page 3 and still getting comments. We are now upto 198. The fact your story has created so much interest, as a gesture of goodwill the CSA should close your case for good.
    Anyway I’ve just done a bit of maths and your story has averaged just over 11.5 comments a day, since you posted on 29th May.
    Congratulations !


  37. A good strike rate Brett 🙂 Although thats one of the problems as they did close my original case for my daughter who they didnt take into account when they harrassed me for payments for my son 🙁 I have always said I dont mind paying for my son although I do not want to pay excess….ie put him in front of my daughter who I have a personal agreement with me ex-wife. As well as take too much for him as I have him 40% of the time…who give me money when he is with me??

    All I ever asked for was for them to be fair and I suspect everyone expects the same from reading and commenting on various posts on some sites.

    I also hate the CSA as it doesnt work, especially when people are getting cash incentives to seemingly sort things out 🙁 A bunch of cardboard gangsters in my opinion….I hope all the ones who chase cases for their own benefit fry in hell

    One last point before we break the 200 mark—lets get back to the courts sorting it out at seperation as it was much fairer as they took all debts into consideration and not just taking a percentage straight off wages before people could pay their bills….does anyone disagree????

  38. Well I must have number 200 – GET IT SORTED GOVERNMENT, DO AS THE ELECTED PEOPLE THINK IS RIGHT, DONT LET YOUR MONKEYS RUN WILD….enough of a rant but never enough said

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