13 years and no money from the CSA

July 4, 2010

13 years and several complaint letters on and I’m still waiting for payment. I contacted the PHSO (Parliamentary and Health Ombudsmen) and got a response to say they couldn’t deal with my complaint as I had not made a formal complaint to the CSA – I’ve made at least 7.

So I’m now going through the formal complaint channel, I’ve been assigned yet another case manager when they phoned to comfirm receipt of my letter, so far (2 weeks on) I haven’t had a formal response. The plan is to escalate the complaint to the highest level. I’ve also requested a copy of my case file, was a bit taken aback when they asked for payment to do it!

I’ve sent them loads of information over the years on my self employed ex who hasn’t paid a penny in 14 years, even though he lives fairly local. Depending who you speak to when you ring decides on the advice you get, I have had so much conflicting information over the years that it’s a joke. Been told now that there is probably nothing more they can do. (they have a liability order in place but the bailiffs came away empty handed as everything is in his new partner’s name). I said ‘what about seizing his passport and/or driving licence and eventially prison?’ Was told the legal team probably wouldn’t touch my case – no explanation as to why, think it’s just a bit too much like hard work.

I get the impression that they would work much harder if they were reclaiming the money on behalf of the Secretary of State but I’ve never claimed benefits and have worked two jobs for the last 11 years to get back on my feet after having my house repossessed.

The best part when you phone is the security question they always ask me, ‘how do you receive your payment?’. ‘I don’t receive any’. ‘yes, but if you do, how do you receive it?’, ‘but I’ve never received anything’. ‘yes but if you do……..’ FFS


  • Karen Bedford says:

    Hi there are too many things to suggest to you which I have done over the 12 yrs as v.similar to my probs Ive had because my ex being self employed.

    Please join the facebook groups

    child support agencies failings and others and you will see other peoples stories, there is support and advice on there, its free and might help. Good Luck and let me know, if you contact me directly I can give you advice on what I have done and how Ive had 9 special payments and 1 advance payment which was due to the fact Watchdog were going to film, it was a substantial amount.

  • Sam says:

    Hi 1 years on i still ring csa monthy to be told the same blurb every time the debt is either with legal inforcment or processing team. csa rang me two years ago & told me the amount my ex owes to me now they say they must re asses on a monthy basis incase my ex has reported any changes they say no changes have been made or reported by myself my ex or a “3rd part” not bitter or any thing but my ex owens 3 houses 2 car a luctative buisness to name but a few lux’s i have given them adressers phone numbers bank details all current, photos even a googel image of him loading his van out side one of his houses.
    My last concersation today ended with ehat more do you want the csa to do ………………oh just an idea but what us tax payer pays you for may be.
    Has anyone used a privet agancy to reclaim the debt ???? any advice would be more than greatfully recived

  • Sam says:

    sorry 16 years not i

  • Vicky says:

    Very true Sam, I am in similar situation where ex has own business but has taken himself off as director, nothing in his names, CSA found he earnt 1200 per week and now he has dropped it to 200 per week. Get the same rubbish evertime i SPEAK TO THEM, AM owed £8000 back pay and they just tell me they understand how annoyed I must be!! its a joke. Just found a website http://www.nacsa.co.uk seem very helpful and have been told to wirte to the Chief Exec of CSA at Tyne and Wear and copy in my MP as it is only the MP that can go to Idependant Ombudsman.

    Good Luck to anone dealing with CSA

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