You should know about this CSA rule

October 21, 2014

My youngest (and only child that I now pay Maintenance for) is now 19 years old. I had assumed the Maintenance would cease when Child Benefit (CB) did but was recently told CB is paid until the child is 20 years old and in education.

This is the case for me but I thought I would check the CB aspect. Whilst I couldn’t find any corroboration of this fact I did stumble across information about the “carers allowance” (currently £71 per week) which forms part of my maintenance assessment.

The CSA’s own rules state that this is reduced by 25% when the youngest Child is 11, by 50% at 14 and ceases when the child is 16.

I have therefore overpaid £ 3,834.

The CSA seem reluctant to admit any error and state that I should have alerted them of these occurrences and they seem reluctant to go back and re-assess; this basically means they don’t want to compensate me….

I am currently complaining but want to make others aware of this.


  • Bill says:

    You need to be careful if you are asking for reassessment for these three dates because they will need full information for these dates. As you are on CS1 this will include full income details, mortgage or rent details and information regarding others in your household etc, plus all relevant details from the PWC regarding income and household circumstances.
    As you have not had a reassessment in 9 years you might be opening a can of worms and end up with arrears greater than the £4000 you mention. However only you know the changes that have taken place over the last 7 years.

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