“You pay or we take” – but my case worker is never available

March 24, 2014

My story, the csa are telling me I still have to pay although my son is 18,not at collage anymore. he signed up for another course but hasn’t gone since june 2013.he is working now. i think it is cash in hand so no records of working.his mother is still claiming child benefit.

When I told the csa this,they said I have to prove all this,it is not their job to check fraudulent claims?? when I insisted they should check fraudulent claims the woman got quite rude and put the phone down. i have now received a pamphlet in the post saying “you pay or we take”, also a txt message saying the same.now when I ring, my case worker is never available.so where do I go from here?


  • Adrian says:

    Ok your case worker is not real. They just tell you you’ve got a case worker just Mislead you.
    Basically you need to keep your local mp in the loop. And be ringing dwp about fraud. You don’t need to give your name or anything. Just the person committing the fraud. Hope this helps

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