Wrongly paid by the Child Support Agency

March 16, 2012

To cut a long story short in January of this year the csa paid £400 into my account , 4 payments of £100 . On every occasion it happened I rang the csa to advise this has happened and to ask if the payments were definitely mine, laws told on each occasion that it was definitely mine. It has now co e to light that is was not mine , some one at the csa office had paid it to my csa account rather than someone else’s . They had but the wrong numbers into the computer by mistake, they have admitted this, how ever they are still saying I must pay it back. Is this correct as I did everything correct, by contacting them on every occasion and asking if the money was mine etc. and being told yes definitely it is your.

I need help as they are planning on stopping my maintainence till it is payed off, not only that they have looked back into.

My case dating back to 2002 when I first started using the agency , and there are 12 years of miss calculations , they are now saying in some cases I have been. Over paid and in some cases overpaid,. All due to people not call ululating property in csa offices. Yesterday I was to,d I was due 7k in arrears and today I was to,d by telephone that actually the person who rang me had made a mistake ag ain and I’m not entijtled to any arrears. I’m at my wits end with this, 12 years of constant mistakes, my mp is writting to them on my behalf but we are getting no where.


  • Anon says:

    They tell you what you will be getting every month when it is set up, and like any adult situation you take responsibility for ensuring mistakes are corrected.
    It is irrelevant that they said it was yours, that just means they were too lazy to look into it properly, much like you were when you thought that a phone call made someone elses child support money legaly yours.
    However they should not stop all maintenence payments, its not fair on the child. In fact it would be preferable for you and the childs other parent to make an agreement outside of the CSA’s control. You will still need to pay the money back, but they will have to take you to court where you can ask for an affordable way of doing so.

  • jo says:

    Of course you must pay it back, it wasn’t yours to spend….Think of the other pwc who has gone without and what trouble it has probably caused.

    what csa should be doing is reducing your child maintenance so you get something and little bit paid back.

    Like anon has mentioned you would of been sent a schedule of what is to be paid an when.

    If csa have made countless mistakes then the mp will get to the bottom of it and no doubt you’ll be compensated because you’re a pwc….if you were an nrp you’ll be in court now and made to pay regardless!

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