Wrong ex-husband you idiots!

August 21, 2012

You are idiots…

You called my work last week saying you were getting a court summons for non payment? idiots you are contacting the wrong company and the wrong x-husband. I am the first x-husband and my son & daughter are in there mid twentys!

I recived a letter from you over 5 yeas ago asking for money your mistake was pointed out to you and you sent me a letter of apology. then a second letter 2/3 yeas later same thing wrond x-husband!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My x-wife’s maiden name is: Pauline McFarline living in South Ayrshire Prestwick maybe.

Hoping you get a court sommons have contacted local/national press with this they are hoping too. Looks like you are still wasting taxpayer money!!

NO regds.


  • jay. says:

    This isn’t the csa, but a place to vent….I think you have a case for data protection issues here, write a letter of complaint with copies of letters that csa have sent you, outlining the data protection issues that they are breaking, then take it to your mp. Csa are unbelievable, and they have powers to destroy people, yet can’t send a letter to the right person, its scary. Good luck

  • Tim Brown says:

    Well …. what can I say …????? I have read many of the CSA issues here & would like to say I am shocked & surprised …. but dealing with them myself, to the letter supplying them all that they ask for, I can only agree with everything i see here!!!

    They are a complete bunch of morons that hide behind a goverment department offering no hope or help to anybody with a problem!!

    I can even say that some PWC that should be getting help & aren’t because they don’t know what the hell they are doing (with our((taxpayers)) money!!)

    They will always go after the easy target – when they should be going after the persistant non-payers & putting THEIR OWN MISTAKES RIGHT FIRST!!!!

    I really do wish anybody having genuine problems with these idiots all the very best – & don’t let the [email protected][email protected]*&s get you down – they really aren’t worth it!!!!!

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