Would your CSA story be good for a reality TV show?

June 14, 2013

We’ve just received this request for people who might be interested in sharing their stories on a new reality TV show, which will feature stories about the Child Support Agency. Are you interested?

‘The Lady Detective Agency & Shine TV are currently casting for a new reality TV show. If you’ve ever been wronged, we want to help solve your problems. They could be to do with recovering child maintenance or even a divorce settlement. Anything problem surrounding ANY kind of fraud, we want to hear from you! Please send your details to: [email protected] ASAP.’

Just to clarify we’re asking for no fee’s from anyone, just good honest and interesting cases!


  • Macon says:

    I have a great story the idiots got my case wrong from day one , I have 3 case closed letters and depending what idiot I spoke to one day I was getting sent to prison or I was due 4183 quid and along the way doctored my data prints and I have proof of this how do I know these people are for real ?

  • John says:

    I have had 13 years of shit from the CSA. They have repeatedly botched my case up, dumping £6400 of ‘made up’ arrears on to me. My M.P. told them that they had caused me untold stress, through serious and prolonged maladministration, that seems set to continue.

    I will tell my story one day, to a lawyer, when restorative justice takes place and the CSA are brought to book in the courts. I will be asking for mega compensation.

  • F says:

    I would like to know how the CSA justifies it’s name? Child Support Agency.
    Not much support going on, and the children are certainly no better off for it…in fact worse off.
    Well, I will let every poor NRP tell you on this site.
    Example: How they have had their ex aka PWC use their kid/s as bartering tools to get more money. Stopping overnight stays as it will reduce the ££ the PWC gets for one!

  • mags says:

    the csa are ripping my family apart, and are causing poverty, just for one child that my husband has with his ex wife, hes not saying he doesnt want to pay, hes just asking it to be a reasonable amount so our family don’t hit the poverty, as we do have 3 young children but the csa even want to back date, and my husband has ask them to take him to court and they say they don’t do that no more, every person he speaks to gives him different information, we even went to our local mp, and even that didn’t help, feels like we cant go anywhere to help us, the csa have got us right where they want us

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