Would I have to pay even more through the CSA?

January 15, 2014

My ex fiancé left me about 6 months ago now, and we have a 2 year old daughter. We agreed I would pay a set amount each month without going through the CSA, which was calculated on the .gov website.

She now lives with her mum as can’t afford her own place, but she’s managed to buy a new car and is always wearing new clothes. She works part time. I however got left in a situation where I break even every month and cannot afford any luxuries at all.

She left me after a month of moving into a new property where I’m tied into a 24 month contract. I can’t afford to pay to get out of the contract and find somewhere cheaper to live.

If I was to go through the CSA would they take my outgoing bills and joint debt (although I can’t prove the debt as it was all in my name) into account?

I am worried I would actually have to start paying her more!


  • jo says:

    Are both your names on the contract when you moved into together?

    Has she put in a claim for csa (before nov 2013), if she has for one child it’s 15% of your earnings and that’s all your entitled to pay and your ex cannot legally ask for more….but csa are changing, with what i have read on gingerbread and child maintenance options website it’s now going to be maintenance direct this is where an nrp and pwc come together to work things out financially for the child(ren) and not be used as a weapon to hurt either parent. You can get advice using the child maintenance options number on 0800 988 0988 which will be able to assist further.

    Csa would not care about any of your debts unless you can prove you had them jointly together.

    My advice is get clued up and know your rights. Good luck.

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