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Would be nice if the CSA would actually call me back

Have been in contact with the CSA since 5th January 2012 to claim money for my son who came to live with me on 19th december 2011. To-date (27/06/12) my case has still not been resolved.

Everytome I call I speak to someone different in a different location. I live in Kent, my case has travelled from Hastings, to Lichfield, to Belfast via Newcastle to Falkirk. It has now gone “clerical” due to techical problems.

Would be nice if CSA would call me back instead of me having to call the 0845 numbers which cost a fortune. Have been treated appallingly, get told a different story everytime I call.

3 thoughts on “Would be nice if the CSA would actually call me back

  1. Join the club the CSA are a nightmare my only advice is to yourself is put all this in writing to your MP and watch how the case miraculously gets sorted. I have done this everytime I have had hassle and hey ho the MP sorts each individual problem everytime.

  2. Vicky, what you have posted is a excellent example of why you should never,ever deal with the CSA over the phone,only by post.
    As you say you are pushed from pillar to post, from one CSA staff member who tells you one thing and another who contradicts the previous ‘adviser’.

    Send your form in using registered post.
    If no reply or even an acknowledgement of receiving your letter with a reasonable time, follow up with a letter sent again by registered post.
    Always keep a copy of letters you have sent to the CSA in date order.
    Still no reply?
    You then visit your MP with your copies of the letters you have sent and details of the registered posts.
    Let your MP take photo copies of your copies but never ever let them out of sight – they could be useful for any compensation claim.

  3. Hi Cindie… Sounds like you’ve got a great MP. Sounds like me and the thousands of others on this site need to move to your constituency in order to get represented by your MP.

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