Would an overseas allowance be taken into account by the CSA?

February 21, 2014

My current job is potentially offering me a job overseas in Belgium which comes with extra money in the form of a local overseas allowance which helps cover the increased cost of moving and living over there. Is this extra money taken into account for payments or is it just my basic wage?

I currently pay csa for my son and have done for quite a while now since my ex decided she wanted to take me through csa rather than get the standing orders she was getting every month! Depending on the outcome to this question will depend on whether i can afford to move my family overseas!


  • rach says:

    if you are still employed by your uk employer and just working overseas for them then im sorry but the csa will take everything into account and will still beable to get a deo on you. IF you going to paid by a Belgium employer with no ties to the uk then your safe and they wont beable to touch you

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