Work accident left me unable to pay CSA

June 9, 2015

Hi my story is this I had an accident at work and have been off sick since 15th june 2012 i was paid full pay until end of july and so was the csa.

I was then put onto ssp with out my knowledge and found this out when I was not paid any wages on the first of september as my employer kept my ssp to claim back my wage from june and july as they decided that i was not to be paid and should have only be paid ssp from june and were claimimg my wages back in this way.

No I confirmed this on september the 6th when I told the csa now my employer have put me into arreas and are still not paying what they have been told to pay the csa have set my payment up from the start to be a deduction fom pay this was done on my request I am now only being paid 330 per month and the csa are asking for payment of £40 per week from my ssp what can I do?