Women using CSA to punish exes

April 12, 2012

I had never wanted children but 7 years into a relationship my ex was pregnant and had stopped taking the pill claiming I had agreed to a child when we had both had lots to drink one night.

She never mentioned to me she had come off the pill. I left when my son was only a few months old as I could not bear to be with her anymore. I would like to see my son but she refuses. Basically she has told me that if I am not with her she will wreck my life and she has tried hard and at one point was succeding? I am now rebuilding my life but she is using the CSA to make my life hell.

I have lost my home she rips up letters to my son and cards and says she will tell him I never tried to keep in touch with him. I see no point in ending more monies using the legal system to try and gain contact as she is determined to fight it with solicitors and threats of violence to me and any new partners in my life. When will the CSA realize they are being used by bitter twisted women who use children as a means of hurting ex partners.

I would be happy to have my son with me for a few days each week and build a relationship but I am denied any access. I am not perfect but would like to build a relationship with my son. Not wanting children does not mean I am disinterested in my sons welfare. He is here and I would like him to know that I am interested in his progress and do care about him.

Not wanting to be with a woman who manipulated a situation does not detract from feelings for my son and my desire to reassure him that his father does want to be in his life.

I almost hope that when he grows up he will be as angry with his mum for denying access as I am. I refuse to restart a relationship I do not want to get access not sure if this is right or wrong but it is the decision I have made


  • bob says:

    If you are serious about help join http://WWW.dadtalk.co.uk and post under legal eagle

  • KMcQ80 says:

    Unfortunately an ‘Oh so common story’.
    Man doesn’t want children – woman ‘uses’ contraception.
    Woman becomes pregnant.
    Man feels betrayed.
    Woman ends relationship.
    Man now becomes an unwilling father and pays for a child he never wanted for next 18 years.
    More work for the CSA.

    So who benefits?

  • Bella says:

    Great more generalizations that all women are bitter and twisted and out for money.

  • nathan says:

    it is true thou ..having the same problem..ex wife using csa to cause hurt and pain because ive moved on and having a new babes..was happy to take my money when on my own and now ive moved on she now wants more but was ok with the amount before tut tut..

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