Women only care about their ego!

February 14, 2013

I am tired of women saying that they have to run the household because of a father not being there. The truth is that alot of us father’s want to be with our children and have made efforts to keep our family together the problem is the the women who want to have there cake and eat it too.

I’m a good father that was doing everything in my power to stay home. I was doing what I was supposed to do as the man of the house no cheating, no coming home late ect. Most women just think of themselfs and not about the childs feelings or the fathers just there own.

And thats not fair when u have a great father already at home taking care of business. Women have huge ego’s and thats what they worry about.


  • carol says:

    Its sounds like youre having a hard time, sorry to hear that.

    But please, can you rephrase that and say “some women” because not all of us are the same, just like not all men are ‘whatever’ …its usually we meet a few certain kinda partners, that end up being the same, and then we think we know ALL men or women in the world. Nope…just something trying to teach us a life lesson, and we will keep getting involved with the same kind until we learn or change ourselves.

    Lesson learnt….I hope you manage to sort this csa mess out. : )

  • lisa says:

    Not all women are bad, belive it or not, the women that do care actually want there childrens fathers to play a part in there lives if anything for a break, being a full time is bloody hard work, unfortunatly “some men” dont want responsibility which tars men with the same brush so to speak, hope you get things sorted soon, x

  • Gonk says:

    I’m guessing your point here is you did your best but that was not enough? And now you paying for the privilidge of your wife walking out on by way of the csa ?
    I relate to you.i was….without sounding to blow ones own trumpet….a very loving,caring father and husband,never out on the town,never played away from home.gave all I could to my wife and my daughter,brought her daughter up from a previous relationship from the age of 18months old and without a single penny of help from her father.this man I brought into my house at Xmas and lots of other times,fed him,watered him and made him feel welcome,I actually liked the guy because he was a likeable kind of guy which was a bonus and not the sole reason I let him be part of my family of cause…his daughter was the one whom I did it for.
    What thanks did I get….. lol…..she walks out of my life after being married only 9 months.takes my little girl with her,walks out of a caring supporting relationship into a house all payed for by the council inc all her benefits and council tax….WTF is that all about…lol….and then she gets the dreaded CSA involved in my already destroyed life…the best part about this is SHE NEVER GOT HER OTHER CHILD’S FATHER INVOLVED WITH THE CSA……. He still to this day pays jack shit towards his daughter and I’m taken to the cleaners for for mine…not that I’m against supporting my kid but I am against some dammed government dictating to me I WILL PAY and having no say whatsoever about where my money is spent…on top of this, they take a unfair amount which leaves me with no money to enjoy with my daughter and to be able to buy her things ,take her places…..well done CSA you help the kids no end lol

  • j says:

    Not sure about my ego, bit worried about my hair!

    Look we all can get hurt. You sound like a decent sort but please dont ‘tar everyone with the same brush’, SOME women are worried about their ego and SOME men are complete gits but there are good people too, many of them take the time to come on here and help others from their own experiences despite any pain or hurt they may have.

    Read a few more posts and you will get the picture. We all try not to be sexist or bitter. I’ve found it helps. I hope it helps you.

  • carol says:

    Awww gonk, like the OP who was a decent guy too….sometimes being perfect aint always enough. The real kicker is being drove into poverty, and not being able to see or doing anything with your daughter because of that poverty and the pwc blocking access. Heart goes out to you.

  • Lisa says:

    @ Gonk
    My hubbys ex did the same mate, chased my hubby soft touch as she thought but didt once contact the csa to chase her sons dad, dont think she wants the son to have a nice life all i ever heard is the daughter this that and the other, some woman only go after the guy who is working or a soft touch, they need showing what real life is about

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