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Woman on limited income cannot support children without help

This concerns my sister in law, who has lost her home and children in a divorce settlement. The court has stipulated that she can see the 2 children overnight on two nights once a fortnight, however her ex- husband frequently refuses to let her have them.

She is on incapacity benefit [ or the current = ] and has the princely income of around £100 pw and is reliant on housing benefit and hand outs from the family.

To add to this the ex- husband – who has the house, the children and a well paid self employed job is demanding maintenance from her!! Is this possibly right? she’s no longer entitled to legal aid [she held money on behalf of her aged mum and the courts “in their wisdom “decided she had access to it- but thats another story]

There’s no way , on her very limited income , that she can support two children. Any advice? and are means taken into account?

One thought on “Woman on limited income cannot support children without help

  1. She is suffering from the typical NRP syndrome. the shoe is on the other foot. this is what happens to most men in this situation, when the PWC takes everything.

    If she’s unemployed, then her “maintenance” burden won’t be much.

    and no, they dont give a to** what your outgoings are, all they want to do is make you homeless………

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