Wish I had never used the CSA to begin with

March 22, 2013

I’ve been having an on going battle with the csa for nearly a year now. My ex husband and I decided it would be for the best if we went through them. If i knew then what i know now i really would not of botherd. The first payment i was due was meant to be with me in may last year. As you can guess this was not the case. I rang them thinking it would be a simple process and just transfer my money. But no apparently i had gone to the wrong department. They told me it was in buisness. what ever that means. So i rang the number they provided me with and after an hour on the phone and 10 pound credit i was told i was in the wrong department again my case was in clerical.

I then rang clerical explaining what the buisness side said to me and they were confused. Im sorry but at this point my trust in them went. I asked if they could ring me back as i was running out of more credit but they said they wernt aloud. But they said they would ring me back the next day with more information. I waited days checking my bank account but nothing was in there and still no phone call. As the weeks rolled on and me ringing almost everyday i was getting in to more debt and sky high bank charges as i had insurffient funds to pay my direct debits. I was so angry at this point as losing my house was now on the cards. My ex husband then rang saying hes already given them 400 thats three months worth in my case and his children are not recieving a penny. To there discovery my case had now been lost. Just before i went on holiday in august i recieved what i was owed.

So payments began for another month and then stopped again. Same storey really lots of money wasted on these people in phone credit and no explanations. I then got another payment in october. And then that was it untill feb this year. I made an appointment with my local mp in january and he was most helpfull and i got a payment in feb of 500 pounds. were now nearly in april and yet again i have not been payed. I rang the csa informing them that ive not recieved my money still. They said my case was stuck in the system somewhere. He said he will release it and i would get my money in ten working days.

Yeah right. 14 days had been and gone and last friday i rang again. of course i got through to the wrong department again and rang a different number. I got through to a lady and she told me its waiting in the system as its not been realeasd yet. I burst into tears as i was so fustrated. My partner had to take over for me. She didnt no why this has happend as it was on the new system. but she said she will release it now and i should get my money in 8 days.

My boyfriend then told her that was not good enough espcially as weve had problems before. She then went to speak to someone higher and the best they could do was 5 working days. So now im waiting again but some how i do not believe a single word they say. This has caused so much debt, upset so many tears and arguments that me and my ex decided once i get the money we will sort it out ourselves.

Thankfully were on good terms but couples who are not do depend on the csa . my advice is do not get involved with these people try to work it out yourselves.


  • wilf says:

    gemma:- Ask your ex to pay you directly and inform the CSA this what you are doing. You can leave the case open and go back to them if your ex fails to pay.

  • Ziggy says:

    Gemma i think this was a bad idea as we all struggle to deal with the CSA so you and your ex seem to be on good terms to sort this yourselves, but how can you possibly be losing your house and then going on “holiday”?

  • Brett says:

    Funny how the CSA work. I retired for a few months, then got myself a part time job and informed the vile CSA by letter. Within two days they were on the phone to me,
    Experience has told me not to deal with this shower of shit on the phone and when contact was eventually made by letter, it took them no time at all top reassess me. With my pension and new salery added together, they came out with their classic line ” we made a mistake on our assessment on your pension “. So on top of what they’re taking from my pension with the two added together, 40% net is being taken from my wages. Just not worth working.

  • Honk says:

    Good advise providing the pwc don’t screw over the Nrp years down the line as in Peter browns case,and then find he hasn’t a leg to stand on.we all know the CSA will believe the pwc if she lies yrs later and says the Nrp never paid her a penny..lol…I mean why would the CSA believe the Nrp when it can so easily just take the money purely on the basis of what the pwc tells them…nothing’s looked into,nothing’s checked…that’s why the CSA is so unfair and it stinks to high heaven

  • Honk says:

    Mistake on my user name…should read “gonk” not honk…lol
    Updated iPad and now it’s trying to correct my spelling.

  • Gonk says:

    Yes…fucking shower of shit they really are….I’m dreading having to contact these arseholes regarding change of circumstances and asking to be re assessed.i never knew pension contributions were taken into account when be assessed. I’m paying nearly £100 into my pot and therefore need it to be taken into account.
    I’ll do anything to pay this filth and the ex less and purely because I have no control or say on how and if my money is being spent…namely on my daughter.
    If these fucks called the CSA were not involved then I wouldn’t have bothered,cause then I’d be paying all my money all to my daughter and therefore not resenting it.
    Will deffo write to the filth and special deliver it.

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