Will they take my ex’s new partner’s earnings into account?

June 12, 2013

My son’s father has got back together with his wife and mother to his other three children. Since they got back together my son’s father has decided he wants nothing more to do with our son (apparently his feelings for me are preventing him from moving on with his wife) this includes no longer supporting him financially.

I do work self employed on low earnings and my son’s father is also self employed and has been for over 20 years. His wife works part time in the city and between them they earn about £3,500 per month. If I go to the CSA will they take into consideration the joint earnings between them or just my son’s father’s earnings. Also I have heard of couples putting their assets into the name of the partner so the NRP don’t have to pay anything, where do I stand if they do this? I am not a money grabbing cow but my son’s father should pay for him too, it’s not just my job.


  • Lisa says:

    No they dont take partners earnings into account, why should another woman pay for your child, thats your job, she isnt his parent, sounds to me like your expecting more money by assuming she should have to pay, if he is self employed he calls the shots over how much you get, using the CSA destroys lives as lots of people on here already know, getting a mutual arrangement is better than csa

  • eddie says:

    hear hear Lisa

  • Sally says:

    Hi Denise – why would you even expect another female to pay child maintenance for your child?? I am an NRPP who loves my partners children dearly and would do anything for them but I find it absolutely disgusting that a mother would expect another female to pay for her kids…

    There are 2 parents and both of those parents should contribute to the childrens upbringing, the difference is that you are subsidised with child benefit, working tax credits, child tax credits… your partner doesn’t get ANY help… and he, like my partner has the exact same overheads as she does….

    The CSA and our government have led women like yourself to believe that they are entitled to something they don’t have to work for and its wrong, wrong, wrong!! what is it teaching the children…. to sponge off of others??? 🙁

    We moved all assets into my name to prevent the CSA and his greedy ex getting their hands on it and it is the best thing we have done…. we now have security!!

  • Maggie2013 says:

    Crikes you lot on here like to speak your minds. It sounds like this woman works as much as she can. She only asked a simple question and gets a load of abuse. She might be on her own, without any support from a partner. Doesnt sound like to me she out to get as much from him. I was in a similar situation with my ex and his 3 children from a previous marriage, and yes indirectly i WAS paying to support him and his kids.

  • Sally says:

    @ Maggie – emotions run high when it comes to the CSA… they are an abomination, the staff lie and intentionally play one parent against another to ensure te PWC continues to use them to collect money (the staff need their jobs and rely on their bonus)…..

    Denise should expect the childs father to contribute but definitely not his partner!! I support my partner and his kid and have done so since the moment we moved in together and I don’t grudge the kids a penny, however, I do grudge the fact that their mother used the child maintenance for herself and did not spend it on the kids…

    everyones situation is different but the one fact no on can deny is that the CSA is not interested in the welfare of the kids…. welfare is not just money, it’s about building relationships with both parents so that the child feels secure and loved by both parents…. CSA tell PWC to reduce overnight stays with NRP so that the PWC gets more money!!

  • Denise says:

    Firstly I would just like to say thank you for Maggie for being the only person on here to see the posting the way it was meant. I did only just ask a question as I don’t know how the system works and was looking for a bit of advice.

    I obviously came to the wrong place as you all seem to be extremely bitter about supporting children that were created by two parents not one.

    Secondly, in what part of my post did I say I expected another woman to pay for my son. Once again I was only asking a question, on what is taken into consideration. If I was greedy and money grabbing I would have gone to the CSA already and/or a solicitor and demanded everything that he had but I have not. For the last 3 months the only person who has provided for my son is me. I have never expected anyone other than myself and his father to support him.

    Thirdly, why is it right for a man to decided he don’t want to be a father anymore, a child is for life not just for when they are shagging the mother. Why should I allow his father to walk out of his life and shaft him of any responsibility whatsoever.

    I do not expect the other woman to pay for my son but I just wanted to know where I stood if they put all his assets into her sole name. Why should my son go without because I refuse to have sex with his father anymore.

    Fourthly, if another woman phoned you up and said she will do everything in her power to make sure your son never has anything to do with his father ever again and they include being provided for, I am quite sure you would a lot more than ask a simple question on where you stand.

    Maybe if you all found yourselves alone with a child and no support from the father or any of his family you would all be seeing this is a different way. I like I said before run my own business, own my own home, drive my own car and earn my own money, but a child needs to be provided for by both parents not just one.

  • Denise says:

    Also I have been trying to get my son’s father to see him for months but he’s not interested. A couple of weeks ago I took my son to a fun day at the local working mens club and his father happened to be there with his wife and their children. My son’s father walked straight past him as if he were a strangers child and I had to explain to my son why he couldn’t go see his father. Is that fair huh?

  • Denise says:

    Also I may get working tax credits and child tax credits but if any of you know about working self employed I may go a week or two with no work and no work means no income, my son can’t live on shirt buttons. Seems like I damned if I do and damned if I don’t. If my son’s father had custody of him he would have the tax credits and child benefit not me but I would still make sure my son had everything he needed. Could you imagine the stick I would get if I decided I didn’t want to be a parent anymore and went and moved in with some bloke and dumped my so

    Two parents made my son so why should only one be responsible for him.

  • Sally says:

    Hi Denise – you are right, both parents should be responsible and willingly pay for their children but the partner of your ex should not pay anything.

    Your ex’s income only will be assessed and he will have to pay 15% of it to you as child maintenance, this will be reduced slightly by the fact that he has children living with him. The problem you will have is that the CSA will promise you the earth to use them (keeping themselves in a job) to get money but never will because your ex is self-employed and it will take time and effort of the CSA staff to investigate and they will continually liet to you (they like simple cases where the NRP is PAYE).

    My honest advice would be to go to citizens advice bureau before you contact the CSA as they will give you imartial advice…

    Your ex sounds like a horrible man and I wish you all the best in getting money from him!! The CSA was set up to make people like your ex pay but they chose the easy route and victimised decent NRP’s who were already paying and encouraged PWCs to use them to get more money from their ex…. it’s a terrible system but if it’s the only option you have then… :-/

  • jo says:

    Actually I have been left to bring up two children on my own and couldn’t give two shits about my ex and his finances.

    All it does in the end is make you bitter about what your ex is upto.

    You also had the choice in wanting your son, especially if you knew if your ex was married, enjoy your child and forget the deadbeat and morals because if he hasn’t got any, it will be like getting blood from a stone…also sounds to me the wife see’s you as the other woman and a threat which is human nature. If she does put everything in her sole name then there’s nothing you can do to stop her, she’s also protecting her children….if shoe was on the other foot I’m pretty sure you’ll be doung the same.

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