Will the CSA take student loans as income?

March 15, 2013

I want to embark on a full time nurse training course, but have always been put off by the thought of incurring major debt. I’m also worried about paying that debt off AND the CSA payments, and not being left enough to live on. But then I thought I wont be left enough to live on by CSA on full time work now, so at least by doing my nurse training I will acomplish a lifes dream, be able to support my child better later down the line, and have job fulfillment.

The CSA says it does not take payments from full time students, but does that include nurse training when funded to the hilt by student loans?

I would rather get advice from here as well as asking the CSA office, as some of the advice from CSA from my local office has left me speechless.


  • lisa says:

    They don’t take anything like that into account, they don’t seem to take anything into account these days, as far as they are concerned they take what they want and leave you struggling to live, they couldt care less if you don’t eat, the rules need changing and soon, so many people are going through this very thing, good luck

  • adi says:

    if its not an income then they wont take it into consideration.
    lisa is right the law does need changing the people that work for the csa are on a par with traffic wardens….the scum of the uk..they have guidelines they have to work to but you can bet they will always go for the route that causes the most tension for you.

  • lisa says:

    As far as im aware they don’t take it into account as income, if they do it will be flat rate because your a student,
    Paying No Maintenance
    There are situations where you can have Parental Responsibility but not have to pay maintenance for your children. However, this only occurs if you’re a full-time student, or aged 16-19 and in full-time advanced education, or if you’re living in a nursing home and receiving help to pay the fees.

  • wilf says:

    Carol:- Are you a different Carol or did Alice not answer this question on 12/03/13 for you?
    No income = nil assessment.
    A loan can not be defined as income.

  • carol says:

    thanks all, and yes wilf, same carol (well name i post on here) I had put this in before I mentioned it to alice, as I thought this wasnt going to go up. Timing : )

    I asked housing benefit if i would still get hb when doing student nursing on no bursary/income..nope…only if im part time. Sigh… 3 years of help and would stand better chance of never needing housing benefit. Cutting costs in the immediate future costs in the distant future.

    Looks like will have to give it all a miss. Least my work program advisor understands my situation…her hubbys being taken to the cleaners by csa and she said she knows exactly what they are like, as they speak to her hubby extremely bad, he comes off the phone and breaks down at the hopelessness and frustration.

    Still…first shift on the wards tomorrow (yay). Looking forward to it, but gutted I will be unable to keep going due to the CSA not taking into consideration my living costs, and so unable to keep car on road. It is a self employment position, but tax and NI still taken via PAYE, so basically a sitting duck for wallet vampires. I will write to someone in company and explain I need to be able to pay my own NI nad tax via self assessment…fingers crossed. Funny thing is, if I can be completely self employed, I will be able to afford child maintenance.

  • lisa says:

    That’s the problem with CSA though they take whatever they feel or assess somebody having an income that doesn’t exist, they really make me sick, there is no need for them trying to spoil your career carol, get it done if its what you want to do, and make sure if they do write to you everything back to them recorded delivery, they cant deny seeing it then, good luck with the course,

  • carol says:

    cheers lisa, not on nursing course as yet, was about start the process as it takes about a year just to get selected/interviewed before you start. At mo, just on new job as HCA. Might just be an assistant practioner, which is nearest to the old enrolled nurse (which the government should never have abolished in the first place) One way or another, even if part time, I will get up in the nursing field…I just simply love the vocation…apart from my two cats, only bit of joy in my life.

    I shall do the shifts offered to me, and after 5 weeks, hand my 5 weekly pay slips. Let the CSA tear me a new one, and the following week they will be informed I had to resign back on JSA due to them leaving me £80 at a loss. I will of course explain why, for the good it will do.

  • Alice says:

    as per my previous answer student loan would not be considered as income – if however you were being paid PAYE as a nurse and the training was part of your job this would be considered as income, but if it was purely student loan (as per a full time student studying a degree at uni etc) and you did not work elsewhere whilst on the course then you would be on a nil assessment.

    Point to consider for the future tho, once you complete your training and started working student loan repayment would not be taken into account as a deduction the way tax, NI & pension contributions are, you would be assessed on your income before student loan re-payments

    Good luck with your training

  • carol says:

    Yes I realise that if complete training I would have both CSA and student loans to pay off…student loans is managable however.

    I am not training yet. Just done first shift today and after driving 70miles and paying £6 parking, and then when CSA and NI/Tax come off, I will have worked six hours for around £15 as on PAYE even though agency term me self employed. Loved being back on wards, though this will not last due to costs frittered away as “disposable income”

    Car wheels playing up squeaking all the way there and back. Of course car is not considered as essential even though for my line of work it most certainly is, so no consideration of this and its repairs so in shit even before I get into working again.

    Thanks CSA, and ex, you scored a home goal there

  • Lisa says:

    You cant even better yourselves with the CSA, they break you down and spit you out when they have taken every last penny and bit of dignity you have, disgraceful place,

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