Will the CSA still want money if I am in hospital unable to work?

April 13, 2011

I have to go into hospital for an operation and it is likely I will also have to have another operation later this year. My employer does not pay sick so I will be losing money during my time in hospital and recovering. I currently pay £465 a month CSA via standing order and I am worried and even contemplating not having my operations as I just can not afford to keep up this payment with the ammount of wages I will be losing over the months I am in hospital. I have not contacted the CSA about this and I just wondered what happens if anything with circumstances like this, I just expect them to say that they are not bothered and I must still pay regardless during the months that my wages are low.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


  • Ben Baskaran says:

    You can contact CSA and explain the change in circustances and they will review how much you pay dependant on your income. For example if you started earning more money your ex can go to CSA and ask for a review. Your contribution is based on your income and if you can prove you arent getting any then they have to change your amount you pay.

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