Will the CSA look at how much I pay out?

December 26, 2012

I need some advice for up coming csa payments. As i am on a low salary i have been asked to pay 6months rent in advance when i move into my next place.

Will the csa take this into consideration when deciding how much i need to pay or will they completely overlook my 6month payment in advance and leave me paying more than i earn after bills ?


  • Alice says:

    No, CSA work out what your Maintenance Liability based on your income (15% for 1 child 20% for 2, 25% for 3 or more) you will be given allowances for any children living in your house, and a reduction for shared care if you have your child(ren) stay overnight at your house for 52 nights or more per year. They will not look at your outgoings.

  • chall says:


    Is your case calculated on old or current rules?

    Alice has advised correctly for current rules.

    On old rules a NRP housing costs can be included.


  • Gamecock says:

    Alice is certainly correct when it comes to working out the basic percentage of one’s wage that is payable i.e. 15% etc but then for one who is in the employ of the CSA we should at least expect them to get this right. However the one area alluded to that requires further explanation is that of ‘shared care’. Although their own rules state that you will qualify for shared care should your child stay overnight for 52 or more nights of the year what Alice has not mentioned is that this depends on the honesty of the PWC. If like myself you provide the CSA / CMEC / VERTEX with cast iron proof that your child has been with you for the sufficient amount of time they will then take this information and present it to the PWC. If that person then decides for whatever reason to deny that this is the case then they will automatically be taken at their word, regardless of how irrefutable your evidence may be. Perhaps I’m just the unlucky one, somehow I doubt it.

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