Will the CSA just take the kid’s home from them?

September 26, 2014

My close family member has had a long running dispute with csa. Bit of a cliche I know but he met a girl in a bar, exchanged numbers etc and had a one night stand. He was a flash lad at the time in designer clothes, he had a brand new car etc.

He didn’t see her again, but some time elapsed and was called by the woman to say she was pregnant etc. my family member made it clear that he was ready for fatherhood and definately not as result of a one night stand. She expressed she wa catholic and would be keeping child.

My family member settled an has since had 3 of his own children with his partner.The csa has made his life hell, chasing for payments he had had a few charging orders that have been satisfied. His property is owned outright and last yr due to the pressure on relationship he split from his partner.

To protect the property and his children’s home he changed the deed of house into the name of his partner. The csa have issued a high court hearing now for both him and his partner, saying that his partner has committed an offence. He owes some 30k currently.

It is sad he is being persecuted, it wasn’t just him yet he is being made to pay for it yet he never ever had any sort of relationship she has 2 kids both different fathers, and boasts she’s taking this child to Florida when money comes thru. Something he can’t afford to do for the children he has parental responsabilities for.

He feels backed into a corner I’m worried he will think his escape is a rope round his neck, but he is now thinking to sell home before they can take it off him. I’m assuming they can an will do this and not have a second thought for the 3 children he supports?

I think terribly sad this situation and don’t understand why his own children seem unimportant to that of a child conceived through a one night stand . No DNA has been done.