Will the CSA be able to find me?

May 2, 2013

Hi guys please please please read this and help me out. can you please answer my questions accordingly to the numbers.

a bit of background story. i haven’t seen my daughter for 4 years. i haven’t spoke to the mother in 2-3 years. Im only 24 and i dont have money for courts to try see daughter. i tried my best to see her but it never happened.

from nowhere a few weeks back i got a letter from csa that they want to start an assessment on me (this was sent to my grandmas house where i use to live.
a month later they send a letter with a default payment of £30 a week (not a chance i cant afford).

ok so heres my questions:

1.i am self employed but i get money transferred to my account via the company (security) nO TAX. is it possible to pay minum of £5 a week without them knowing my income?

2. they sent the letters to my grandma but i no longer live there. i havent done for the past 6 months. will it be possible to say i never received the letters and they sent to the wrong address therefore making the start date of the claim null? my grandma is willing to help me in telling csa she kicked me out ages ago and throws any letters she receives in my name (cool grandma i know).

3. im 100% sure csa wont find my current council address simply because of the way i’m paying the tax and rent. if they do find this house, will the letters that were sent to my grandmas transfer. could i show them my letters from hen i first moved into this house to prove i wasnt living at the address they sent to.

guys im a 24 year old father, you really have no idea how much i wanted to work things out with the mother, i always said i wanted to be with the same parent as my child as my dad wasnt around for me and everything went from love to hate.

the mother was tired of me sending items for my daughter and wanted just money.

please guys try answer my 3 questions sentence by sentence if possible. im too young for all this seriously


  • Sally says:

    Hi – limited knoledge of CSA rules and legislation but a fair amount of experience of the CSA and the idiots who work for it.

    1) the ONLY way you will avoid paying the CSA is to work cash in hand, they have authority to take money from your bank account without your concent and have done so to innocent people! They will assess you on your ‘supposed’ income…

    2) you will build up arrears regardless as you will be considered as ‘non-compliant’…. they have tried to contact you (even if their information is wrong) and the date the ‘contacted’ you is the date you will start accumulating arrears from

    3) completely irrelevant as far as CSA are concerned as you will be accumulaing arrears….

    The CSA do not care about you, your ex or the child….. they only care about meeting government stats and will lie, cheat and steal to get the money!!

  • karen says:


  • Lisa says:

    Dont ever ignore the CSA they wont go away, write to them, telk them you cant afford it, once you tell them your income it will probably be the lower amount, as fot the latter comment ignore.it, very bitter woman, as for you not seeing your child, the rules should be clear, no access no maintenance, maybe then children would be able to have relationships with there kids, good luck

  • Lisa says:

    https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/204256966364149/ join our group for decent advice and help, were a good bunch who genuinly help people like yourself

  • Macon says:

    They will hunt you like a dog give you less human wrights than a terrorist ,extort money under false pretences, if you can for your and kids long term sanity talk to your ex and arrange a private arrangement if you can !

  • stuart says:

    You need to contact them and arrange some form of payment, much as I hate the CSA you appear to be intent on not paying so if and when they do catch up you will have no-one but yourself to blame. I am happy to pay for my kids but not for CSA errors, so am unable to condone your actions.

  • Melanie F says:

    Poor you!! Why oh why these PWC’s use the NRP as a cash machine and use the children as a bargaining tool is beyond comprehension!!!!

    I have been told that once a default maintenance payment is assessed for and completed, i.e payment plan put into place by finance, then the CSA will consider that completed. They won’t follow it up asking for wage slips etc, or go direct to your work. IS THIS TRUE???? Sounds too good to be true for poor NRP’s that would otherwise be crippled by an assessment on their ACTUAL wages. (btw the default is about half of what the csa would assess for if they had his wages info etc) ADVICE PLEASE.

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