Will my ex’s business payments affect my benefits?

September 4, 2013

My ex and I do not communicate, but for the past few years he has paid money into my account for his two children. We do not get have a written contract or go through the csa.

Last month his payment came from his business account not his personal account. I am concerned that if this carries on it might appear I have another wage/job to the benefit agency.

I am wondering how this benefits him. I dont want to approach him unless I really have to as he could stop it at a moments notice as he has before.

Trying to get something set up via the csa or privately only reulted before in me receiving less maintenence. He has his own business a new wife, no other dependants and pays me £200 a month for two teenagers. A year ago he paid £300 and then reduced it. I want to know what is best for me to do or should I do nothing? Thank you.


  • Sally says:

    Don’t involve the CSA…they will only make things worse…. I would suggest you write him a letter asking why he reduced the amount?

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