Will my ex have access to my redundancy pay?

April 16, 2014

I have been separated from my wife for 2 years. I have been told the factory where I work is closing, and redundancy’s are available.

There will be work for about two years. We have come to an agreement of our current assets.

Is my ex wife entitled to any of my redundancy?


  • Corryn says:

    You dont mention children? If your currently being assessed through the CSA for child support and thats your issue, then no – redundancy is not included as income for CSA purpsoses. Please make sure you tell them of your change of circumstances as if you dont they will keep your original assessment in place and you will start to accrue arrears.
    Tell them in writing you are being made redundant (they will contact your employer to verify this) and then your payment will be adjusted. If you have another job to go to give them the details, and if you dont then still make sure they know this, the last thing you want 5 years down the line, is an out of the blue letter from them landing with a thud on your doormat asking for 18k and they will blame you for not telling them of your change in circumstances if you cant prove otheriwse.

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