Will my ex have access to my redundancy pay?

November 25, 2013

Ok I need some help.My ex has been to and from the CSA and is currently accepting a private arrangement.thing is i dont trust her as she has played some nasty tricks despite me never missing a payment and even paying more than the required amount!She seems hell bent on being awkward despite having an icome £200 pw more than me!

I am facing redundancy and will be entitled to around £40 k if I go but I have debts to pay off(many incurred through divorce) and will be lefty with about £30k.This equates approx 2 years take home pay.My total settlementy if I go is £42 k of which the forst £30k is tax free.

I need to live and find a job but will pay her my usual maintenance as agreed while I can.

My question is can she get any of the lump sum(Im told she cannot touch the first £30k).If she can get some how much?I have the choice of putting any amount over £30k into my pension if necessary.
Also, if I got a self employed job what can she touch of that?Im thinking if she gets a sniff I have a lump sum she will try and get some!Thanks


  • Pb says:

    No she will not be entitled to your money. If you have any arrears to pay through the CSA they will push for you to pay them off.

  • Marcus Lasance says:

    My gut feeling is your ex would be shooting herself in the foot re-opening a CSA case. She should count herself lucky with your private arrangement and you would be required to pay only £ 5 per week while on job seekers allowance if she persists. I doubt she could touch your redundancy payment unless there are arrears to consider.

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