Will money from a property sale be taken into account by the CSA?

September 30, 2013

My ex has just made £20k on a property sale. Is this taken into account for maintence? He pays v little and I haven’t used the csa as he is self emotes and know he can hide much of his income so I have just let it be. I want to know if I can ask for some of the profit or if I went to the csa if they take it into account.


  • Adrian says:

    Taking the children out of it. Do you think your entitled to any of it ?? I.e did you contribute anything to the property ?? If you did then you are entitled. But please don’t use your kids as an excuse. This is what the csa want and beleive me they will make things far more awful than they are right now for you. Kids ain’t daft they will know what is what when they get older. Try sort it on a mutual ground. If he don’t play ball then go see a solicitor but try keep csa out of it cause there’s a chance you won’t see any of it. Let a judge decide. Hope this helps and sorry for being blunt but best way sometimes

  • Lisa says:

    I agree with Adrian here, the CSA will cause friction and arguements between you both that will probably end up with you getting nothing, to be fair if you haven’t contributed to the house that’s just sold then you wouldn’t be entitled to anything, though I’m sure if you speak to your ex he might just help, he might also be putting money away for your children’s future, or if things are bad to pay off debt, good luck whatever you decide, seriously the CSA are not the right road to go down, keep things mutual and then your kids benefit from both parents

  • Someone says:

    No it won’t, it’s not income, it’s a lump-sum payment.

  • Richie says:

    Greedy bitch!

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