Will I need to pay CSA if I move to Guernsey?

December 2, 2015

I spent years paying for a son who i never was allowed to see. I had visitation rights via the local courts but just before i was due to see him, my X just refused and back to court i went.I actually now live abroad with my 2 other children and therefore i am not required to pay costs but thanks to the power of social media, i am in touch with my son without his mother knowing.  He is 16 soon and will be able to see me without interference.

The CSA bled me dry as my full putgoings each month and my 2 children were not properly assessed and i paid directly to the CSA and was left with nothing each month to live off.  In the end i had to bite the bullet and give my 2 children and wife a better life abroad, despite wanting to see my son.

I do however have another question, if i move now to Guernsey (not technically part of the UK) am i liable to CSA payments?