Will I have to give money if she refuses to put my name on the birth certificate?

October 23, 2013

i had a one night stand with a girl in 2008. i went to prision not long after for 2 years. it was a one night stand. i have tried my hardest to try and get my name on the birth certificate but she wont let me.

she has let me see my daughter for a few months and then not let me. played games with my head over my daughter. using her as a weapon. then she banned me from seeing my daughter, even at my own mum and dads house. my mum and dad think the child is theres. now i havent done anything about it she is seying she is going to try and get csa from me when she wont let me see my so called daughter or get my name on the birth certficate.

she is jalous of my partner and i who are having a baby together. me and my daughters mum were never together and she has made it clear how much she can do to me with my child. she hasnt let me see her for about a 7 8 maybe 9 months now. over the past 3 years she basically stopped me. now she wants money and nda test. she isnt getting anything from me when she hasnt let me see my daughter or get my name on the birth certificate.


  • jo says:

    If she wants a dna test then I wouldn’t be contesting it….you sure your the dad because to me it doesn’t seem she is certain that you are? I would get that established first before putting your name on a legal document!

  • Lisa says:

    If the CSA contact you, before any money is handed over demand a DNA test it’s your right, this happens for to much where a man is paying for a child that turns out not his, good luck

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