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Will I be forced to pay my partner’s CSA?

Hi everyone. My partner has been paying the csa for 3 years now (and also arrears that were a lie… he paid cash for 2 years so she is also getting this).

Now he is leaving his job as he only earns around 4.00 an hour after the csa have taken their chunk.

If i support him (for now until he gets on his feet with his own business). can someone tells me what happens with the csa please.

Will I be forced to pay it (we wont be claiming benefits). We will pay something but not what ‘she’ is expecting.

I pay our mortgage and the house is in both names (although I have a trust of deed stating his share is mine as I paid off some arrears that ‘she’ made).

I don’t want a charge on the house. Is this dooable? Any advice greatly appreciated.

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  1. I would be very careful as if he leaves his job voluntarily the CSA may use this as an excuse to keep a CSA calculation in place on the grounds he has left employment to evade paying CSA. This could in effect mean that while he may not pay when he initially leaves work, he will start accruing arrears at the same rate of original calculation and he will be chased for this at a later date. If i were you I would set up the business first (he doesnt have to be claiming a wage) and give them all the details of projected income for the year. They will assess him on that.
    Key here is to keep them updated by recorded delivery with all your changes of circumstance. Just for an example, my self employed ex states he earns £400pcm to CSA and he was ordered to pay £5 per week for our child. Theres nothing they or I can do about it as everything is above board, hes got a good accountant and gets away with it even though i know for a fact he earns 2-3k pcm and thats in cash without the contract jobs.
    Dont flounder about with this, get your facts straight your dates right and your documents in order, ie he leaves work on Fri and starts his new business on Monday with everything sorted for then, any chink in the armour will be attacked by CSA vultures.

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