Will I be assessed under the old or new formula?

August 3, 2013

I was assessed in 2000 under the old rules and 30% of my wages was deducted.

Relationship with my ex improved to the point we stopped the CSA in 2011 and I paid direct.

Now with my youngest being almost 17yrs and the only one I pay for, I wanted to pay her £200 amd my son £100 and for him to responsible for his college fees, phone etc etc.

Due to the dissagreement and her wanting all the money she contacted the CSA. I have received a letter with the old reference and the old payment amount and requesting mine and my partners details.

Will I be assessed under the old or new formula?


One Response to “Will I be assessed under the old or new formula?”

  1. csaworkerx on August 5th, 2013 2:24 am

    if your partner closed the case when you went MD ( maitenence direct ) you will be assessed on the new scheme, obviosly ure payments will have changed in all that time, you need to phone in and request a third party change of circs, youll then have to provide new wage/income information to get a new MC, just be prepared, if ure earnings have incresed since ure last case, your going to be paying more.

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