Will an army pension be worked out at a higher rate?

April 11, 2013

My partners exwife has gone to the csa. We’ve been on the calculator put in his earnings etc and got a figure of 65 per week. She’s a horrible woman and I don’t say this lightly. We gave her £15,000 out of his payout 3 years ago which she says shes spent and massed huge debts. Anyway we worked out income on his salary and he has an army pension. She is now saying army pension is worked out at a higher rate. Does anyone know if this is true.


  • chris jones says:

    hi he will pay 15% on all his income for one child, 20% for two children and 25% for three children. His wage plus pension will be added together then the correct % will be deducted example £200 pw wage £100pw pension = £300pw persuming for 2 children at 20% he owes £60 per week and thats only if the CSA scum bags dont make up arrears ontop of that.

  • Alice says:

    his army pension will not be taken at a higher rate

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