Why would they cancel my case against my will?

July 31, 2014

The CSA have just cancelled my case (im the mum claiming.) I got a letter a few weeks ago saying that my case was being closed if I did not reply – so straight away I got on the phone and said No don’t cancel.

I then replied on the letter saying not to cancel my case. Next thing 3 weeks later I get a letter saying my case is cancelled as I asked them to!!

Instantily phoned and got passed round and round to be told nothing can happen for 12 weeks as my case is cancelled and I have to open a new one and pay them £20. I couldnt re open my case as it has to be cancelled for 12 weeks even though its in era.

The only good part is the £3000 areas is not being cancelled and they are going to try and get it. I dont know where my ex lives work etc as he has moved house and jobs so often to get rid of CSA.

I have never had regular payments (about 6 payments in 7 years claiming.)I phone every few months asking what is going on and they always say nothing. But Now looks like they are changing names means they want cases like mine that are in debt etc thewy want rid so the statistics look better


  • Bill says:

    Yes you are correct they want as many people as possible to make their own arrangements.

    You need to call child maintenance options and they should explain to you what is happening.

    It sounds from your post that you will need to open a new case with CMS for which there is a fee of £20.
    Hopefully, as they should be a lot smaller, they will be more efficient but do not hold your breath as it will the same people running it.

  • Gonk says:

    All cases are being closed and you have to come to your own arrangement with your ex. It’s a pity you don’t know how to get hold of him because then you could come to an arrangement where you don’t involve the CSA and avoid the £20 charge.
    You do know your ex faces 20% charge per month on top of his cm and you will be deducted 4% from what they hand over to you…still fucking unfair because as usual the Nrp is screwd the most. Why the fuck the same % shouldn’t apply to both parents just proves the system favours the pwc. It’s disgusting that the arseholes are charging anyway….taking money from the kids.

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