Why would the CSA believe her?

May 25, 2014

I have being around £333 per month since July 2012I have no issue paying this for 3 children since August 2013 one of my children who was 13 years of age decided to leave her mums and came to live with me.

I informed the csa of the change in circumstances as required by law within7 days I applied for child benifit which I was awarded for around 10 weeks the child support was than contacted by myself asking again for a reduction in my assessment as I had one child with me thrre answer was that there has being no change as the x had lied to them and said my daughter was still living with her.

I than sent the csa a letter and informed them that my daughter had gone back as required by law as she stayed with me for ten weeks I did get no reduction in all that time my daughter only stayed at her mums for two days than went to live with her nanna too.

My x never notified the csa to say my daughter was not living with her as required by law my x this week informed the csa my daughter had gone to live with her nanna.

As my x has fraudentley claimed csa payment from August last year have I got a claim from my x through the civil courts to claim the money back. I am in contact withe nanna who will support me in my claim and provide evidence I believe I am owed around £110 per month since last august.


  • Bill says:

    15% for one child
    20% for two children
    25% for three children
    Therefore you are asking for the difference between three children and two children which is about £66.60.

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